Posted on December 5, 2008

“Islam Is the Light” May Be Woman’s Voice

Moms Ask Mattel for Accountability, December 2, 2008

More audio research keeps coming in—this just arrived this afternoon from Randall Rathbun, who describes his experiment below in his email. Rathbun write that he is an aerospace engineer with a focus on software development. He sent this audio file which slows down the audio file posted at Mattel’s corporate website, and it certainly sounds like a woman’s voice was recorded for the audio, and this corroborates Fred Taub’s findings here. Randall describes his experiment with the audio in his emails:

I slowed the whole recording down to the following 3 ranges: a man’s voice, a woman’s voice and a child’s voice.

I then listened carefully, playing each several times for subtle nuances. The child’s voice wasn’t quite right, there was too much articulation for a normal child to master. The man’s voice didn’t sound right, the timbre quality or resonances did not fit or sound right, but when I played the woman’s voice the first time, it was an uncanny match.

I would like to urge you to please listen to my whole version of this, if you have the time, and possibly post it so others can hear and decide for themselves.

. . . It was from a recording titled “Lil_Mommie_Coo_Original_10K.mp3Æ”and I used the Windows version of Audacity Sound Editor to slow the speed from 44.1K to 31K and convert the file from mp3 to a wav file. . . .