Posted on December 22, 2008

Flint Mother Latrica Ryan of 10 Looks to Community for Help

RoNeisha Mullen, Flint (Michigan) Journal, November 29, 2008

With 10 kids and no vehicle, Latrica Ryan is used to juggling.

Going to a movie or out for dinner is a like plotting a major tactical undertaking. Not that such outings happen that much.

“It would really be nice if I could take my kids where they needed to go, instead of having to find them a ride,” Ryan said. “And when we do go somewhere, I have to pay four or five people (for gas) to get us all there.

“I have booster seats and car seats. It’s a lot.”

Ryan, is a 29-year-old single stay-at-home mother of five sons and five daughters, who range in age from 2 months to 13 years.

Transportation isn’t the only issue Ryan has to deal with.

The Flint woman said she sometimes needs help providing her children with clothes and food.


Ryan may not be able to take her kids on a fancy vacation, but with the help of organizations such as FACED Corporation, she is able to ensure that her kids’ basic needs are met.

The Flint-based agency has helped Ryan clothe and feed her children, as well as pay utility bills.


FACED is a faith-based community outreach agency that focuses on assisting the low-income. Dye said the agency helps educate mothers on parenting and provides them with things such as maternity clothes, baby clothes, other baby items, counseling and support groups.