Posted on December 22, 2008

African American Flags

Us for Once

Like Americans of all other nationalities, we need a flag in addition to ‘Old Glory.’ This flag represents African Americans and America with dignity. It stifles debate about where we fit and presents an opportunity for unity and cooperative ventures.

Middle Passage Flag

Dominated by green and black, the Middle Passage flag honors those ancestors who rebelled, were tortured, brutalized and died in the crossing. These prisoners on slave ships were in their youth as individuals and as blood lines. Green is a color which, among other things often symbolizes youth in African cultures. In this flag, green also reflects the energy of the captive and portrays a resiliently stubborn yearning for the native land. Those who died in the Middle Passage were never to be transformed. They remained African in every sense and this is represented by the dominance of black in the Middle Passage flag. The red stars remind us that we must be guided by the light of their blood buried and mingled in the deep dark depths of the ocean.

The Middle Passage flag is sometimes used for funeral ceremonies to honor ancestors in their final passage as it honors those of the Middle Passage.

The Middle Passage flag has a black field (union) on which there are red stars. This union represents that which most unites us around the world-our Africaness. The red stars represent the blood of the best of people which has been spilled in our centuries long struggle for survival and independence.

In the tradition of Marcus Garvey, red stands for the blood of the people shed in struggle, black for the people themselves and green for the youth and new ideas.

In addition to the “Middle Passage” flag, there are two other flags in the “All American” series. They are the Mainlander and the Islander flags. If possible, possess and display each flag from time to time to deepen our consciousness and expression of unity.