Posted on November 11, 2008

Court Has No Ban on Terms Like ‘Illegal Aliens’

AP, November 10, 2008


A court spokeswoman [for Arizona’s supreme court] says there has been no ban on words, nor is Chief Justice Ruth McGregor considering one.

Arizona Supreme Court communications director Cari Gerchick says McGregor gave top judicial officials statewide the request to let them know of the concerns of the Phoenix-based Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association.


But Gerchick said there was no subliminal message. She says McGregor issues policy decisions only through administrative orders, and there is no administrative order on the issue.

[Editor’s Note: Yesterday’s story on the ban can be read here. The documents purporting to support Judicial Watch’s claims that Chief Justice McGregor has promised such a ban (and a list of the words banned) can be read or downloaded as a PDF document here.]

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