Posted on October 22, 2008

Police Say Girl Lied About Racism Charges

Ty Milburn and Katie DeLong, WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee), October 22, 2008


West Bend’s chief of police said they conducted an exhaustive investigation, over 100 hours, to try to figure out what was true and what was not true in Darshane Morgan’s story.

Morgan claims she has been the target of racism at West Bend East High School. The 15-year-old said she’s been pushed down the stairs, had eggs thrown at her and has been called racial slurs.

Police arrested Morgan at her grandmother’s home Monday afternoon. They later booked her at the Washington County Juvenile Detention Center.

Police want the district attorney to charge her with obstructing an officer for lying to investigators.

The police chief said the investigation proves Morgan made the whole story up.

Chief Ken Meuler said none of it is true, and as proof, Meuler said they have surveillance video from inside the school, and they also conducted interviews with other students and teachers at the school.


Morgan was in court with her mom Tuesday. The D.A. has two days to decide whether to charge her. But her lawyer, Kevin Keane, said she’s sticking to her story. “She knows she’s telling the truth and she’s not worried about it,” Keane said.