Posted on September 30, 2008

Government Grants Irish Immigrant Groups $1.5m

Irish Times, Sept. 28, 2008

Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin has announced grants of more than $1.5m for Irish immigration organisations in the USA.

The grants will go to 16 frontline Irish immigration organisations which provide support and other services to Irish emigrants. The US$1,518,500 (€1,030,500) announced today brings to US$3,163,500 the total amout granted this year to Irish immigration and community organisations in the US.

Speaking after a meeting with the community organisations in New York, the Minister said:

“The Irish immigration organisations in the US provide an invaluable service to the Irish communities there and I am delighted that we are in position once again this year to make a significant financial contribution to enable them to continue that work.”

“Irish emigrant communities have over the years contributed in different ways to the economic well-being of this country. It is important now that we continue to provide financial support to organisations that work with those Irish communities in the US and elsewhere.”

“The allocations that I am announcing today are to organisations that are to the forefront in providing essential frontline services to Irish communities across the US, particularly to the elderly and those in need. They also work with the undocumented Irish, whose status remains an issue of the highest priority for the Government and which I have raised with key US legislators in the course of my visit.”