Posted on August 27, 2008

Thousands of New Zealanders Opting for Australian Immigration Each Year

Simon Wallace, Global Visas (London), August 21, 2008

Although New Zealand is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular immigration destinations, New Zealand citizens continue to leave the country in droves, many of them opting for a new life in Australia.

The New Zealand population has grown through migration, with a gain of 700 last month due to permanent or long term immigration. This is according to a report released by Statistics New Zealand today. However in contradiction to these figures is the revelation that people are still leaving the country at a rapid pace.

New Zealand has had the second highest loss of people ever for the year ended July, with over 80 000 people departing for foreign shores and over half of this, about 45 000, choosing to migrate to Australia.

These figures have become so high that the numbers of immigrants has reached city like proportions. As Lockwood Smith, National Immigration spokesperson says, “This is the highest ever loss for a year ended in July in recorded history and is only 4000 short of being enough to constitute a city.”

According to Smith this exodus is because of Labour government policies that have “resulted in record food and fuel prices, unaffordable homes, [and] punitive taxation rates.” No matter what the reason people are opting to move to Australia where the economy is booming and skills are in high demand.

It is clear that migrants are choosing to move to New Zealand for various reasons from the temperate climate, friendly community or the variety of job opportunities available. In the past five months net migration has increased in three of the months. This is a rise from the 2007 figures.

But at the same time as people enter New Zealand, others exit in search of something better in Australia.