Posted on April 11, 2008

Girlfriend: Davidson Said Christian Forced to Shoot Newsom

Jamie Satterfield, Knoxville News, April 11, 2008

The girlfriend of the accused ringleader in a fatal carjacking told jurors this afternoon her now ex-beau claimed Channon Christian was forced to kill her boyfriend.

“He told me Channon shot Christopher (Newsom) . . . that they made her do it,” Daphne Sutton acknowledge under cross-examination by defense attorney Phil Lomonaco on behalf of Eric Dewayne “E” Boyd.

Lomonaco was trying to show that Sutton knew about the fatal carjacking and her boyfriend Lemaricus “Slim” Davidson’s involvement and yet harbored him and failed to notify police of what she knew.


[U.S. Attorney David] Jennings indicated in his questioning of Sutton that Davidson told several lies to Sutton in a bid to convince her to give him a place to stay.

Sutton, whose uncle is Knoxville Police Department Officer Dennis R. Bible, has not been charged, and Lomonaco has alleged she was spared prosecution, both because she is white and the remaining suspects black, and her uncle works for the lead investigative agency in the case.

Sutton admitted lying to police in the hours after Christian’s body was found inside the Chipman Street house she had shared with Davidson.


There has never been an indication in any court records or hearings that authorities believe Christian was forced to shoot Newsom.

However, prosecutors have repeatedly said that the only people who know what happened are either behind bars and keeping quiet or dead.