Posted on March 13, 2008

West Memphis Street Crimes Unit Returns To The Streets

WMC-TV (Memphis), March 12, 2008

West Memphis’ police chief said crime increased more than 100 percent after he halted the street crimes unit after 12 year DeAunta Farrow was shot and killed by a police officer.


Chief Bob Paudert said the street crimes unit is back.

“They’ve made over 70 arrests including alcohol, guns, loitering,” Paudert said.

Stopping people for drinking on the streets, even underage smoking. One 17 year old who was smoking also had marijuana on him when he was arrested.

“Get used to it. We’re going to be fair. If they want to call us Gestapo, that’s fine. Call us whatever you want we will have a safe city to live and if you don’t like it move to a city close by and have all the crime you want,” Paudert said.

David Clark doesn’t like the tactics police are using.


West Memphis city council member Lorraine Robinson, who has been critical of the police department in the past, said crime did increase considerably when the street crimes unit pulled back. She supports the crime fighting. She just wants it to happen in all of the neighborhoods.