Posted on October 9, 2007

Ex-Mexico Prez: Racists Stop Immigration

Diego A. Santos, AP, October 8, 2007

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Monday that the United States is letting racism dictate its policies, especially when it comes to immigration.

“The xenophobics, the racists, those who feel they are a superior race . . . they are deciding the future of this nation,” he said, without naming names, in an interview with The Associated Press.

In his first interview to promote his new book, “Revolution of Hope,” Fox applauded President Bush’s desire to pass an immigration accord that would allow more Mexicans to work legally in the U.S.

But he criticized Bush for failing to pass the promised reform.

“There was always a reason for why it couldn’t be done. ‘It is not possible because of the elections.’ He couldn’t touch the topic because this election is very important, or because security was more important,” Fox said.


Fox also denied media and opposition allegations of illicit wealth that have arisen in Mexico, after a celebrity magazine published photos of his newly renovated ranch. He said the accusations were made “without any evidence.”