Posted on September 4, 2007

Mexico Begins Repatriation Of 7,000 C American Undocumented Immigrants

China View, August 16, 2007

Mexico has begun the repatriation of some 7,000 Central American undocumented immigrants, mostly to Honduras and Guatemala, local newspaper Sol de Mexico quoted government officials as saying on Wednesday.

The Central Americans were stranded in the southeastern states of Tabasco and Chiapas after a regional train service suspended operations in late July.

They were arrested while walking along the railroad line to the eastern coastal state of Veracruz, 400 km away, from where they hoped to board a train bound for the Untied States.

The first batch of 350 migrants have arrived in Mexico’s southern border city of Tapachula, from where they will be transferred to Guatemala on Tuesday night.

Hundreds of such illegal immigrants enter Mexico through its southern border every day, hoping to cross the country and enter the United States in search of a better life.