Posted on July 18, 2007

The Adverts Sedgefield Voters Are Not Allowed To See—Exclusive

BNP, July 18, 2007

The farce created by the Northern Echo which demonstrated its short lived commitment to democracy continues this morning.

We earlier reported how the editor of the Darlington based newspaper, Peter Barron rejected an advert submitted by the BNP due to be printed in today’s edition on “moral grounds”. He bizarrely considered it unacceptable that we mentioned the fact that 4 year old primary school children are being taught about gay and lesbian relationships as part of New Labour’s curriculum of destruction.

After a series of phone calls a second advertisement has been submitted and accepted gratefully by the commercial advertising department. We learn however that this has also been rejected, without explanation, for today’s and tomorrow’s editions.


Readers are invited to make their own conclusions why this second advertisement was rejected. Is it because it is too good? Is it because it presents a picture of the very building block of society, a wholesome family unit that the nation-wreckers of the liberal-left establishment seek to destroy? Is it because the smiling family which represents the real BNP is at odds with the illusory picture of the BNP as a gang of violent racists the liberal-leftists try to create?

The rejection of an advertisement featuring the photogenic Cass family as a perfect representation of a loving, strong and caring British family, together with the rejection of an earlier advertisement mentioning the sexualisation of primary school children by New Labour perverts, says more about the mentality of the individuals who made such a decision than it does about the common sense policies of the BNP.

Readers may also note the inclusion of a disclaimer which the editor insisted was carried on the adverts. No advert submitted by any of the other political parties contesting the Sedgefield election and printed by the Echo have carried such an “Editor’s note”.

Please download the ads the censors at the Northern Echo did not want you to see and distribute them as an example of the gulf which exists between normal, decent British voters and the out-of touch leftist establishment.

Ring the switchboard (01325 381313) to pose the relevant questions to the editorial team. The race to the finishing post isn’t over yet and perhaps we can get them to reverse their decision so that Nick and Suzy Cass and their three adorable children will smile out to the readers of the Echo tomorrow morning.