Posted on June 22, 2007

National March for America! Washington State

Washingtonians for Immigration Reform, June 22, 2007

Washingtonians for Immigration Reform (WFIR) in cooperation with Let Freedom Ring America is planning to lead a march through Downtown Seattle for the March for America on Saturday, June 23, 2007.

ALL American citizens and ALL legal residents of ALL backgrounds who are pro-America and opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty, are encouraged to attend! The march will begin at the Seattle Center, near the Space Needle, at 1:00 PM (be there at 12:30) and end at the Jackson Federal Building.

Please email [email protected] and put “Attendance” in the Subject line and you will receive a confirmation email with details of the march, location, and start time or you can call 1-877-632-9274 for info.

Sign up now to participate in the march.

This is your opportunity to stand up for America!