Posted on June 20, 2007

1 In 5 Babies In Britain Born To Immigrants

Press Esc (Bangkok), June 16, 2007

One in five babies in the UK are born to immigrant mothers, according to official statistics released this week that also show the highest fertility rates in Britain for 26 years.

21.9 per cent of all births in the UK in 2006 were to mothers born outside the United Kingdom compared to just 12.8 per cent in 1995.

In 2005, an estimated 565,000 migrants arrived to live in the UK for at least a year, while 380,000 people emigrated from the UK for a year or more; over half of these were British citizens.

A majority of Britons think that immigration harm their country in contrast US, Spain and France where the majority view it is helpful, according to a Harris Interactive poll that also showed that two thirds of British adults believe believe there are too many immigrants in their country.

Almost 60 per cent of respondents in the UK want all illegal immigrants expelled, with no amnesty given to those with children attending school.