Posted on May 15, 2007

Prison Gives Van Gogh’s Killer Ultra-Orthodox Islam Books

NIS News Bulletin, May 12, 2007

The government has been enabling the terrorist murderer of Theo van Gogh to read books in his prison cell that endorse his ultra violent interpretation of Islam. The murderer himself said so on Friday before the appeal court of The Hague.

On Friday, as on Wednesday, Mohammed Bouyeri appeared before the judges to testify in the trial of seven alleged members of his terrorist group Hofstad. The judges asked him how he believes a Muslim should respond to somebody who offends the Islam faith. Bouyeri’s reply: “Off with his head. Slaughter him.”

As the 29-year-old Amsterdam-born Moroccan sees it, the Justice Ministry encourages his ideologies. According to Bouyeri, it is obligatory to behead everybody who offends the prophet Mohammed, “and I am confirmed in this conviction by the books I get” in prison.

Bouyeri murdered Van Gogh on an Amsterdam street by riddling him with bullets, cutting his throat and planting a large knife in his heart. “Allah sent down a soldier on 2 November 2004 to cut his throat”, he declared.

Bouyeri would not say whether he had meticulously chosen Van Gogh as his victim. “I do not know, but it was not out of the blue”. Asked whether the seven suspects were in any way involved in the murder, he declined to say anything.

Bouyeri is regarded as the Hofstad group’s leader, but he is not a suspect in the trial because he cannot receive punishment since he already got life imprisonment for the terrorist murder of Van Gogh.