Posted on April 30, 2007

Teacher Sex Scandal Prompts ‘Racism’ Outcry

Cody Alcorn, WHNS-TV (Greenville, South Carolina), April 30, 2007

Criminal charges of sexual misconduct have been filed against a couple of white teachers in Laurens County whose alleged victims are all black. Now, members of the African American community are making claims of racism.


Religious leaders and family members of the alleged victims met the press Sunday to talk about what they perceive as preferential treatment, Ward and other recent Laurens County educators accused of sex crimes received. They say the teachers are getting off easy because they are white and their accusers are black.

“Racism” was the word used over and over during the Sunday afternoon meeting. The group believes it has been backed in a corner, and now members of the group say it is time to act.


The group is planning a number of protests throughout Laurens County, and at each protest they say a Confederate flag will be burned to send a message.

At Sunday’s news conference the group burned a confederate flag in front of the church sending the message they aren’t backing down, and are going to fight for justice.


Reverend Kennedy says the protest will be non-violent, and must be used to make a difference in the community.