Posted on April 11, 2007

Father Shows Toddler How To Use Assault Rifle (New Orleans), April 6, 2007

Pawnshop manager Dan Reese said he never thought he’d see a diaper-clad 2-year-old holding an AK-47.

But that’s exactly what happened inside BJ’s Pawn Shop on the Westbank, Reese said.

The toddler’s father gave him the gun and proceeded to show the child how to hold, load and operate it.

“He’s telling the boy, ‘This is how you hold it, like this. Anybody in front of you, you can mow them down. Kill everybody, soldier, because daddy’s going to buy you this chopper,’ repeating it over and over,” Reese said.

The store’s surveillance video also shows the father and son marching around the store, showcasing the weapon.


Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee said he was concerned about the incident but added that the father didn’t break any laws.

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