Posted on March 22, 2007

Nevada Is The Most Violent State

Spero News, March 22, 2007

According to a study released March 22 by Morgan Quitno Press, Nevada was named the nation’s most dangerous state. This marks the third consecutive year that the Silver State has earned this designation.

The announcement was made in “Crime State Rankings 2006”, an annual reference book published by Morgan Quitno Press, an independent research and publishing company based in Kansas. It was North Dakota that was a repeat as the safest state in the US, having held that position for nine of the past 10 years.


The 13th annual Most Dangerous and Safest State designations were based on six basic crime factors reported in Morgan Quitno’s just-released annual reference book, “Crime State Rankings 2006”.

Factors considered were rates per 100,000 population for murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft. States are ranked based on how they compare to the national average for each crime category. The findings are based on 2004 crime statistics, the most recent final state data available from the FBI.

Joining Nevada at the top of the rankings list (in descending order) were Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, and Maryland. On the safer end of the rankings scale immediately preceding North Dakota were Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Wyoming.