Posted on March 1, 2007

Denmark Group Calls for Censorship of Quran

Kimberly West, Associated Content, Feb. 26, 2007

The Danish political party named SIAD (Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark-Stop Islamisation of Denmark) has called for the censorship of portions of the Islamic Holy Book, the Quran, stating that certain parts “offend the Danish constitution” and “encourage violence.”

Stop Islamisation of Denmark cites several verses of the Quran as violating the Danish constitution. The group is suggesting that mosques across the country be closed according to the 78th article of the Danish constitution.

On their website, SIAD cites the following sections of the Quran as offending the Danish constitution—

Sura 8 and 9, especially 9,5, (Kill those who join other gods with god wherever you may find them, also kill the idolators wherever you find them.). And sura 4,34, sura 4,15, sura 33,60, sura 4,11, sura 2,282, sura 24,13, sura 9,3, sura 12,29, sura 48,17, sura 47,36, sura 76,5, sura 4,57, sura 33,27. And 33,21 which involves the hadith. SIAD states that they have used the german version of the Quran, which “is more true to the arabic version than the danish.”


On the SIAD website, he cites some concerns about the Muslim population in Denmark—

“In this country, which is so proud of being a pioneer for sexual equality, it now seems that in several swimming baths women and men can no longer swim at the same time, and that it is now permissible to divide the halls between men and women at Islamic meetings in municipal buildings. This country, which has so far made a good profit from worldwide pork exports, is now forced to serve meat only from halal-slaughtered animals to their new generation in the Copenhagen kindergartens. Pork is excluded, to the annoyance of Christians and Buddhists—and Hindus, too, who are not allowed to eat beef.”

“Denmark, which is famous worldwide for its beautiful women and its broad-mindedness, has now got a sharia police force (groups of young muslims) who annoy Danes who are naked on the Sealand beaches, and in general harass young girls who are alone on the beach, because it is against Islamic law.”

Anders Graves, the head of SIAD, a party that has about 400 members, said: “Denmark is our country. Some verses of the Quran are filing me with worries about the lives of my children and grand children.” Graves stated that SIAD has no intention or expectation of banning Islam across the country. But Gravers pointed out that people living in Denmark should obey the constitution of the country no matter what they believe in.

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