Posted on February 28, 2007

Phila. To Honor Washington’s Slaves

AP, Feb. 28, 2007

The presidential mansion where George Washington and his slaves once lived were leveled long ago, but a new monument will keep their complicated, and sometimes painful, legacy alive for generations.

The National Park Service and city officials announced Tuesday the selection of a design by a black-owned firm to mark the site of the mansion near Independence Hall.


The selection comes five years after groups started protesting plans to commemorate the Robert Morris House and build a new pavilion for the Liberty Bell, saying officials were ignoring the history of slaves.


In 2002, Congress directed the National Park Service to “appropriately commemorate” the slaves. But the project was slowed by disagreement over exactly where the slaves lived, along with a lack of funding. Mayor John F. Street has committed $1.5 million in city funds. The project also has the support of a $3.6 million federal grant.