Posted on November 21, 2006

Hip Hop Artist Are Showing The Ugly Face Of Black American Culture To The Entire World

Creole Folks, Nov. 19, 2006

“If it wasn’t for race mixing there’d be no video girls. Me and most of our friends like mutts a lot. Yeah, in the hood they call ’em mutts”. -Kanye West & Essence Magazine Dec.2006

Snoop Dog, Kanye West, 50 Cents and rapper DMX are just a few of the hip hop artist who leave the U.S. and go on criminal sprees or childish tantrums. The American junk hip hop art form, has spread its ugly, violent, ghetto hand into Canada and Europe. Canada was a peaceful place for many people of color but with so many hip hop artist from the U.S. taking advantage of Canada’s openness and non-judgment views of strangers-the red carpet has been rolled back up and locked away. Hip Hop artist run around like spoiled, ghetto trash brats and then whine about racism or police brutality. That may fly in the U.S. but anytime you have Canadian police, which are normally very, very calm and level headed, finding themselves having to scrap with people from America’s seedy hip hop world-then Houston we have a problem! The problem is that, America’s hip-hop criminal element is spilling over into Canada and Europe. Because 50 Cent has a criminal record, he would be required to obtain a ministerial permit to enter Canada. American black rappers have been spreading crime and a criminal lifestyle to other countries and I wouldn’t be surprised if Canada started racial profiling and placing even more visitation and immigration restriction on Americans.

Canada had virtually no cases of racism or police brutality from any person of color but all of a sudden the U.S. hip hop community are making claims of police brutality against Canadian cops! The hip hop world needs to check themselves and their behavior because the racism claims and police brutality abuses are getting old and redundant.

Hiphopliveshere.Com is reporting that a hip hop photographer was supposedly abused by a Canadian cop from Toronto.


On October 16, about approximately 1:40 pm in front of the Econolodge Hotel (335 Jarvis Street) in downtown Toronto, Tonye Allen and his fiancée, Ann Brown, having just checked out of the hotel, were at the curb attempting to hail a cab.

While in the process, a police car from the 51st Division pulled over at started asking questions of the two. When they answered, the officer said he didn’t like their attitude, especially after they sought to find out why they were being questioned.

Enraged the officer, jumped out of the car, grabbed Mr. Allen and called for backup. When backup came, there was no questioning. They immediately all descended upon Mr. Allen pepper sprayed him, knocked him to the floor, hit and kicked him.

What they are not reporting on this website-is the fact that Mr.Allen was high,acting stand-offish and ignorant. This isn’t something that Canadian people are used to having in their country. The American street mentality is unlike no other in the world. The glorifying of drugs, guns, violent and ignorance is something that isn’t acceptable in other countries. It doesn’t help Americans of color, that many hip hop artist, who happen to be African-American are going into other countries and breaking the laws! The black community needs to face reality and admit that with the rise of ghetto-underclass hip hop artist to black royalty, there is no way that blacks shouldn’t expect a backlash. Hip Hop promoters can not go around and throw “racism” charges at every country to cover up the path of low class, ignorance that is being paved by these GED having artist. It is not only the rap artist but every single media person that promotes hip hop, appear to have social issues.

I think that the hip hop artist, entourages and so called hip hop leaders need to go and ask their mamas, why the hell they were raised to act like hooligans & hoodlums! They act ignorant at home so I have no doubt that these police depts, which never had brutality issues or accusation leveled at them prior to the spread of hip hop artist into their countries-all of a sudden just got racist over night! Ignorant Hip Hop artist are the problem. They are a problem for black youths in the U.S. and now for law enforcement abroad.


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