Posted on November 13, 2006

ALIPAC’s Response To The 2006 Elections

William Gheen, ALIPAC

The destructive political coat tails of Republican President George Bush, combined with an intense inner conflict within the GOP party, led to a historic downfall of Republican candidates and a Democrat political wave in America.


Under George Bush immigration enforcement has fallen to new lows. All fines against employers had ceased under Bush by 2004 and recent discoveries by the public that our Border Patrol are operating under his orders to only “Catch and Release” and “Do not pursue” illegal aliens have ignited a wave of public anger.

Further discoveries that the Executive Branch is working with illegal alien drug smugglers to prosecute US Border Patrol agents and showing a willingness to extradite American citizens to Mexico like Dog Chapman when Mexico refuses to extradite thousands of people wanted for murder have raised a lot of eyebrows.

Many of our supporters believe that George Bush and those that guide his actions on behalf of the corporate supporters of illegal immigration, free trade, open borders, and the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) prelude to a North American Union, intentionally sold out the Republicans in the Congress that were blocking his plans.

This belief is fueled by the fact that each time George Bush has come out and promoted his Guest Worker AMNESTY Program, two things have happened. One, his approval ratings have dropped at least five points immediately afterwards. Two, the number of illegal aliens rushing the border triples as illegals rush in for the Amnestia!

No political consultant in their right mind would have advised him to push this unpopular plan two weeks before the election, if the goal was to help Republicans. Immediately after this latest push, his approval ratings dropped to the low thirties again. It only makes sense if we assume that the financial goals of Bush’s string masters value their economic plans more than partisan control of the Congress.

Then Bush sprang out of the White House throwing his political kiss of death on Republican candidates across the nation. He went district to district in swing elections. He did the same thing in the VA Governor’s race in 2005. The Republican candidate was poised to win after siding with the public on immigration enforcement issues. Then the Bush administration threw their arms around the campaign, which sent the conservative base into flight!

The most shocking news came on Election Eve around midnight on the East Coast when White House spokesman Tony Snow announced that President Bush was looking forward to working with Democrats, to get his “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” plans through, now that his Republican colleagues were no longer capable of holding him back.


While many pundits and polls tried to convince the public otherwise, illegal immigration was a top issue this year according to several state and national polls.

Even with a “Democrat Wave” sweeping the nation, voters in Arizona and Colorado pass public ballot initiatives cracking down on illegal immigration by super majorities!

The fact that a super majority of Americans want illegal immigration stopped and reversed still stands.


Another huge tactical mistake was the effort of Republicans to throw the illegal immigration debate into the building of walls and fences. This was done to try and counteract the over Republican weakness of fining employers and businesses that hire, aid, and abet illegal aliens. Polls show over 80% of Americans want the corporations responsible for this invasion punished. Only 56% want the wall and even the staunches illegal immigration fighters know that a wall or fence will be useless without comprehensive immigration enforcement.

The Democrats made an issue of reinstating employer sanctions and ran to the right of Republicans on the illegal immigration issue. They also focused in on the Globalist policies such as NAFTA and CAFTA which are related to our illegal immigration problems. Their third strategy was to focus on taxpayer fairness as it relates to illegal immigration. This strategy worked and combined with Bush’s extreme failures on the subject fueled their gains.


The graphic losses on election day were compounded by the fact that many grass roots conservatives refused to push the buttons for people like Tom Kean, Senator Dewine, Clay Shaw and many others. We would rather have a Democrat pushing amnesty out in the open than a tricky Republican talking tough about immigration enforcement while hiding a poison pill in the mix by advocating changing our existing laws to allow companies to keep their cheap illegal labor through Guest Worker.

At the same time, many of the elite financial forces in the Republican Party refused to support our grass roots populist candidates by depriving them of the funds needed to convey their popular positions to the public. Many writers and pundits forewarned that this internecine conflict between Republican populists and Globalists would wreak havoc and it has.

At least more of the Democrats are openly honest with their misguided coddling and support of illegal aliens. The public does not support what they want to do, but at least they are open about what they want to do. Picking a Republican in this year’s races required extensive research to find out which ones are serious about immigration enforcement and which ones are in the bag with Bush and the US Chamber of Commerce on this issue.


The analysis of where the US Chamber of Commerce PACs placed their campaign contributions is not in yet, but we are certain they gave to Democrats this year to help fuel this takeover.

The question before us now is are there enough Democrats that really care about the American public first and foremost and are they willing to do what is needed to stop and reverse illegal immigration? If so, they must rebuke the overtures from the White House to pass “Comprehensive immigration Reform”.

Perhaps the Democrats should make some overtures to the disgruntled Republicans in the Congress and in the ranks of the American citizenry and make an offer for the Comprehensive investigation and prosecution of President George Bush for failure to honor his oath of office, the US Constitution, and the will of a super majority of Americans.

Congress has reported that very few illegal aliens and drugs cross the US Border without the permission of the billion dollar cartels that manage these imports. US Corporations have their fingers in the pie and we have examples of companies working directly with the cartels to make more money. Since the Mexican Government has been so obviously corrupted by the money and power of these cartels, we need to look at our own Government. We need to know why these cartels appear to have more influence on the Executive Branch that the American public or George Bush’s own party!


Populist Republicans are willing to abandon the Globalist trade agreements, the invasive spying on our citizens, and push for higher wages along side Democrats if some Democrats willing to push for immigration enforcement and opposition to amnesty in any shape or form.

Let’s make a deal that is in the best interest of Americans, not Globalist corporations and illegal aliens that are citizens of other nations. This new dynamic in the Congress will be a true challenge, but with over 80+% of Americans favoring tough interior enforcement and border security and with over 80+% of Americans opposing Amnesty we can still win.