Posted on August 11, 2006

Anti-Illegal Immigration Speakers Attacked On Boston Common

Mass News, August 9, 2006

[Video of the Riders leaving is here.

Website of the Paul Revere Riders is here.]

A small group of activists crossing the country speaking against illegal immigration, were chased out of Boston by a group of Spanish speaking immigrants Saturday while attempting to deliver a speech on Boston Common.

The six “Paul Revere Riders” are traveling by motorcycle to the capital of all 48 contiguous states, speaking on the need for America to protect its own borders and the negative economic impact of illegal immigration on this country.

On Saturday, they made it to Boston, but were shouted down and yelled at by a group of people carrying signs in Spanish so that they couldn’t finish their speeches.

When they rode away, the camera men and photographers filming the event were chased and hit with signs. Two of the camera men, Jim and Joe Rizoli of Framingham, had to be escorted by Boston Police away from the event while the pro-illegal crowd menacingly taunted and surrounded them.


According to the Rider’s website, they believe:

“America stands at a crossroads. It either controls its sovereignty by maintaining its borders or it suffers the consequences of massive population overload, balkanization, accelerating crime, educational breakdown, water shortages, economic ruin and loss of the Middle Class. In other words, the United States may become another Third World country.”


Dear Troops,

Let’s welcome Frosty and the 21st Century Paul Revere Riders to Washington DC! The rally is this Saturday at the Pentagon [north parking lot] — see details below.

After the rally all of us will drive past the Capitol and the White House — you don’t need a motorcycle, just load up the car with the family — and join us as we send a LOUD message to our elected officials.

But most of all we need to give a big thank you to Frosty and fellow patriots for spending the last 10 weeks cruising across the USA and waking up America to the illegal alien crisis.

So try to be there this Saturday at 11am. Bring your family, the neighbors, and American flags — I’ll see you there!



After 17,000 miles, 10 weeks and some 60 rallies across the United States, the Revere Riders will hold a final rally and press conference.

The place is the north parking lot of the Pentagon, off the George Washington Parkway in Virginia. Join Frosty, Rick, Cindy, Micha and Howard as they help local, Washington DC (Doesn’t Care) residents to know HOW to change policy at the local, state and federal level.

>From 11 to noon is the rally. Afterwards, the Riders and supporters will drive by the nation’s Capitol and the White House as they finish sounding the alarm that the Open Borders Policy is a disaster for America.

No cameras and no alcohol are allowed.

See Frosty Wooldridge’s latest column on the “21st Century Paul Revere Ride.