Posted on April 12, 2006

Goldwater Gets Tough on Immigration

Arizona Republic (Phoenix), April 12, 2006

Extremism in the defense of our borders is no vice . . .

GOP gubernatorial candidate Don Goldwater, nephew of the late, legendary Sen. Barry Goldwater, swung for the fences Tuesday.

The former state employee railed against Arizona’s porous southern border and talked about the need for a really long fence to stem the tide of undocumented immigration:

“I have a message for Mr. Bush: Build us that wall now!” shouted Goldwater, standing among 20 supporters at the Capitol.


Goldwater promised to put undocumented workers in a “tent city” at the border.

“It’s my intention to take illegals and put them down at the border in a tent city and use them as labor to build the fence and clean up the desert they are tearing up,” said Goldwater, who didn’t offer any specifics for his plans that some construe as unconstitutional.

Goldwater, one of five Republicans vying for the GOP nomination to challenge Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano, got a little testy when the subject shifted from illegal immigration to his less-than-flowing campaign coffers. He said he was about “75 percent to 80 percent” of the way to getting the required 4,200 $5 contributions.

Those contributions are needed to qualify for $454,000 in primary election funds.