Posted on March 22, 2006

Riddle of Rape Man

Tom Parry, Mirror (London), March 21, 2006

A mystery rapist who claimed political asylum after attacking a young nanny may be allowed to stay in Britain after his jail term ends — because no one knows where to send him.

Oule Doucoure, 23, was jailed indefinitely yesterday and told he must serve at least seven years. Judge Charles Byers said he was a “significant risk” to the public.

Blackfriars crown court in London heard he pestered the 21-year-old on a bus after a night out, attacked her as she opened her door and raped her in the hall. Doucoure, of no fixed address, was found guilty of rape and strangulation with intent to rape.

He has used four false names and applied for asylum, claiming he saw rebels murder his parents in the Central African Republic.

But police believe he made up the story to stay here. Det Con Irene Smith said: “Our immigration officers didn’t believe he is from the Central African Republic. They believe he is from Mali and there isn’t any political unrest there.

“It is a possibility that we will not find out who he really is. But I am determined to try to find out his real identity.

“If we can dispute where he says he is from, he will be deported after he has served his time.

“If we can’t prove where he is from they will probably process his asylum application. Unfortunately I think that will probably happen.”