Posted on February 9, 2006

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also . . . Ethnic Come-Ons

Athena Kerry, VDARE, February 9, 2006

In an online conversation yesterday, my fellow coed Jenni vented to me about the declining club scene in Dallas, where she is currently attending school.

Deep Ellum, the entertainment district that was once known for its great restaurants, quirky boutiques, and impressive music scene, is collapsing. Two of Dallas’ oldest and best venues have declared bankruptcy in the past six months.

If you ask the city, they’ll blame anything from 9/11 to changing tastes. But the old regulars will tell you exactly what went wrong.

“It’s not safe anymore,” Jenni told me, “now that the city let them open the black clubs. Instead of local bands, everything is gangsta rap.

“Besides,” she added, laughing, “we got tired of all the black guys commenting on our butts.”


Asians (i.e. what used to be called Orientals) squeeze for freshness. Unlike grocery store produce, women that I know don’t respond positively to pinches, pokes or even pats while stuck in a crowded elevator. But as of yet, Asi an men haven’t caught on.

This isn’t just a vicious rumor started by intolerant college girls—the Japan Times has been reporting on how this problem has stirred some city train lines to introduce women-only cars. But that sort of segregation on my campus would inspire GLBTQA protesters to demonstrate outrage at forcing anyone to declare a particular gender.


Indians (dots, not feathers) were reported desperate for phone numbers, and likely to spend a lot of money on even the most casual romances.


Mexican men are widely despised among young (white) women for whistling out car windows, yelling crude and offensive remarks, or simply leering obnoxiously at anything that walks past with a hint of estrogen.