Posted on November 2, 2005

Bully Cop Off Force Forever

Michaelangelo Conte, Jersey Journal (Jersey City), Nov. 2

The Jersey City cop who demanded free rent from his landlord has reached a deal with prosecutors, avoiding a trial and possible jail time in return for agreeing to never wear a badge again.


Wilson said the dispute with Luna began in spring 2004, when the cop moved to another apartment in the same Western Avenue building, but left a bed behind.

In July 2004, Wilson said, Luna demanded he pay him $1,000 in cash for the bed, but Wilson — who had put the bed in storage after renting the apartment to another tenant — said he’d return the bed instead.

But Luna said he wanted the money instead, and then — with other police officers watching — slapped the landlord in handcuffs. Wilson then agreed to pay him the money the following day.

But the next day, Wilson brought Luna’s bed instead of money, and the cop again put him in handcuffs — but this time took him to the North District Police Station and threw him in a cell until he agreed to give him free rent and a parking space. Wilson was never charged with a crime, police said.