Posted on November 2, 2005

Black Farmer’s Land Auctioned

Amanda Hara, News25 (Evansville, Ind.), Nov. 2

DAVIESS CO., KY — Last week, NEWS 25 told you Harry Young would lose his farmland because he hadn’t repaid the United States Department of Agriculture almost $400,000 in loans. Young said he only received about $150,000.

Protestors tried to disrupt the auction process Tuesday morning. Young said it’s a racial issue and today he joined dozens of people protesting at the public auction of his property. It was almost impossible to hear the auctioneer, over the whistles, the sirens, the cowbells. Their intent was to stop the auction. But still, all of Young’s property sold.


Young said he was loaned, then repaid about $150,000, but the USDA Farm Service Agency, or FSA, said Young was loaned about $400,000.

In Saturday’s Messenger Inquirer, Young said he wanted the FSA to show documentation that they loaned him the money. Last week NEWS 25 found documents listing several loans, signed by Young, amounting to about $400,000.

NEWS 25 showed them to Young. He said, “This is a lie, they never loaned me a damn dime in 1980. That loan was denied, they didn’t loan me that money.”


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