Posted on August 16, 2005

Deportees Already Returning Less than 3 Weeks After Raid

AP, August 16, 2005

At least one of the illegal immigrants deported after a raid on an Arkadelphia, Arkansas, poultry plant last month has returned to Arkadelphia.

Doctor Cesar (SAY’-sahr) Compadre (kahm-PAHD’-ray) has been providing medical treatment and supplies to the 30 children were left behind after the raid. He says he gave prenatal care to a woman who had already come back from Mexico.

The woman says she was deported to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, after the July 26th raid and had come back to be with her husband and two small children.

Compadre says the immigration raid on the Petit Jean (PEH’-tih-jeen) poultry plant in Arkadelphia was handled badly. Many — including Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee — agree. But the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency says the government was enforcing the laws as it should.

[Editor’s Note: More on this story here.]

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