Posted on July 26, 2005

Several Iraqi Torturers Live in Norway

Norway Post (Baerum), July 25

Several torturers who were active under Sadam Hussein’s regime are living legally in Norway.

According to NRK several of them have reportedly admitted to acts of torture in interviews with the immigration authorities.

Norwegian spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Abuzzed Razwan, says it is wrong of the Norwegian authorities to grant torturers residence in Norway.

The Immigration Directorate (UDI) does not want to comment on the reports. However, UDI communications director Geir Loendal says that in general terms also torturers may be granted temporary residence in Norway.

He says that according to treaties signed by Norway, even torturers may not be returned to a country where they may face torture or a death sentence. However, should conditions in that country change, they will be returned, Loendal says.