Posted on July 26, 2005

Race Outburst — Uni Tries To Oust Professor

Edmund Tadros, Sydney Morning Herald, July 26

Macquarie University today will attempt to buy out the contract of an academic who opposes non-white immigration, warns that Australia is creating an Asian ruling class and that it risks becoming a third world colony.

Associate professor Andrew Fraser, from the university’s Department of Public Law, wrote to a newspaper earlier this month warning that Australia’s increasing black population would lead to more crime and other problems. He has repeated these and other comments opposing non-white immigration to several media outlets.

“The director of human resources at Macquarie University called me today [Monday] and said, ‘Would you please come in tomorrow [Tuesday], we’d like to discuss buying you out of your fixed-term contract’,” he said.

He had already planned to retire when his contract ran out on July 30 next year.

The university was trying to buy his silence, he said.

“You’re not really allowed any more to have more than one view on race and immigration. You must be in favour of the colonisation of Australia by the third world and the replacement of Australian students in the universities by foreigners.”

He did not know if he would accept the offer.

Asked if he wished to recant any of his earlier comments, he replied: “Absolutely not.”

Macquarie University declined to comment.