Posted on June 10, 2005

Anti-Crime Coordinator Accused Of Rape, Robberies In Mexico

AP, June 10

MEXICO CITY — The man who designed anti-crime programs for a Mexico City borough spent his off-hours prowling for women to rape and rob, prosecutors say.

Raymundo Mayen Abonza was arrested early Wednesday while driving the stolen car of a handcuffed victim who sat in the passenger seat, according to a bulletin issued by the city attorney general’s office on Thursday — the same day Mayen was fired as the anti-crime director for the borough of Tlahuac in southern Mexico City.

The attorney general’s office said Mayen, 38, confronted a woman in front of her house at 2 a.m. Wednesday, threatened her with what appeared to be a pistol and forced her into the passenger seat of her own car.

The woman managed to hit a “redial” button on her cell phone. It called her doctor, who heard her conversation with the kidnapper, including references to streets, according to the news release.

The doctor called police who quickly found and stopped the car, rescued the handcuffed victim and arrested Mayen.

Investigators linked him to the rape and robbery of two other women who were forced into a car in front of a discotheque in May.

They said he used a crude, paste-on beard and mustache to disguise himself during crimes.