Posted on May 3, 2005

Old Glory Covers ‘Mexico’ Billboard, May 3, 2005

A protester of a Los Angeles area billboard that has “CA” crossed out and “Mexico” added has draped a U.S. flag over the word “Mexico.”

As WorldNetDaily reported, the billboard advertising a local Spanish-language news station drew the ire of immigration activists last week. The ad has the “CA” abbreviation after “Los Angeles” crossed out and the word “Mexico” added in its place in bold red letters.


ALIPAC notes that yesterday, activists protested in front of the station sponsoring the billboard, KRCA, channel 62.

On Thursday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told a local radio show the billboard should come down.

“I think they should take it down immediately,” Schwarzenegger said.

He called it “divisive” and “unnecessary” and said it promoted illegal immigration.