Posted on April 12, 2005

Protesters Rip Retailer

Darleene Barrientos, Glendale News-Press and Leader (Cal.), Apr. 11

SOUTHWEST GLENDALE — Protesters angry with Home Depot demonstrated in front of its Glendale store Saturday, alleging the home improvement retailer aids and abets illegal aliens by contributing to the day laborer center across the street. Members of the organization came to Glendale from as nearby as Los Angeles and Arcadia and as far away as Ventura and Orange counties to hold up signs with messages like “Stop Home Depot’s illegal alien day labor centers,” “Home Depot supports racism” and “It’s un-American to hire illegals.”

“It’s very simple,” said Phyllis Nemeth, of Arcadia. “Home Depot aids and abets illegal aliens . . . Fifteen million unemployed Americans need jobs, too.”

The day laborer center, across the street from Glendale’s Home Depot at 5040 San Fernando Road, was established under a partnership between the city, Home Depot and Catholic Charities, which operates it. The city wanted to establish the center as a solution when residential neighbors complained that day laborers would loiter, litter, drink in public and even urinate on their properties.

At issue is the fact that Home Depot contributed money to establish the center and has established a partnership with {snip}

The need to speak Spanish as an employee is exactly why Dana McCowen of Los Angeles was participating in Saturday’s demonstration.

“I’m here because with the influx of illegal aliens; it’s been such a hard time — for me as an American who doesn’t speak Spanish — to get a job,” McCowen said, adding she hasn’t been able to find a job that didn’t require her to speak Spanish for the past three years.