Posted on April 18, 2005

Hiring of Illegal Immigrants Provokes Faceoff in Upland

Sue Doyle, Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.), Apr. 16

UPLAND — Holding signs that read “It’s un-American to hire illegals,” about 20 protesters on Saturday faced 20 others carrying signs with the words “Immigrants support the U.S. economy.”

The four-hour rally, in front of the Day Labor Hiring Center at 8547 Grove Ave., drew protesters who said their demonstration was against employers who hire illegal immigrants and others with opposing views.

As Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” played, many carried American flags and dangled their signs in front of them as cars passed by. Some drivers honked car horns in recognition.

“We are protesting the hiring,” said Dee Barrow, 77, Upland. “We feel illegals would stop coming here if they would stop hiring them.”

Upland resident Robin Hvidston, an immigration-reform activist, organized the protest. She said employers stand outside the law when they hire illegal immigrants, and that leads to abuse of the workers.

“We would like to see employers arrested for hiring illegal immigrants, because they are breaking the law,” said Hvidston, 50.