Posted on April 19, 2005

Deputy Charged With Assault, Hate Crime, Apr. 18

HOUSTON — A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy was charged with assault and a hate crime after he found his wife with another man, officials told Local 2 Monday.

Nathaniel Rogers Jr., 38, is accused of assaulting his wife and the man she was with while making racist remarks.


Officials said Rogers, who was in his uniform, assaulted his wife and used his gun to hit the man, identified as James McIntosh.

Rogers, who is African-American, then made racial slurs against McIntosh, .

“He told him, ‘Why should I believe you? I hate white people. I don’t trust white people,’” Billingsley said. “Deputy Rogers jumped to the assumption that his wife and this man were having some sort of affair.”

Police said before the deputy realized there was no affair, McIntosh told them Rogers dragged his wife by her hair and pointed a gun at her head before turning on him.

“There was an altercation that occurred,” said Brett Ligon, Rogers’ attorney.