Posted on March 8, 2005

Illegals’ Worker Benefits Criticized

Robert Redding Jr., Washington Times, Mar. 8

Maryland taxpayers have spent as much as $1.5 million in workers’ compensation for illegal immigrants in the past two years, a Republican delegate said based on data from the state Department of Legislative Services (DLS).

The state Workers’ Compensation Commission paid $670,542 in fiscal 2003 and $826,482 in fiscal 2004 to 192 workers who did not have Social Security numbers, according to a Feb. 15 letter from DLS to Delegate Richard K. Impallaria, who says those workers are most likely illegal aliens.

“These are the same benefits that are denied to American citizens on a daily basis,” said Mr. Impallaria, a Baltimore County Republican who has called for a study on the effect of illegal immigration on the state.


[Mr. Impallaria] is co-sponsoring legislation for a study on illegal immigration for the second consecutive year.

The study — one of six immigration-related bills he has co-sponsored — is being considered in the House committee this month. The other bills call for:

• Requiring Baltimore County police to arrest illegal aliens without warrants and turn them over to federal authorities.

• Barring illegal immigrants from receiving state services.

• Seizing cars driven by illegal aliens and suspending the licenses of anyone who allows illegal immigrants to drive their vehicles.

• Creating a task force to study whether health care workers should be required to report treating illegal aliens.

• Making English the official state language.