Posted on February 14, 2005

Jesse Jackson Town Homes May Be Torn Down

Fox Carolina (Greenville, NC), Feb. 7

Over 800 hundred people living at the Jesse Jackson Town Homes in Greenville County may be displaced if a government grant goes through. The question is, “Is it too good to be true?”

Civil Rights Activist Jesse Jackson says, “Well until we see where the monies are, it’s not true.”

Tonight Jesse Jackson came to meet with residents not because the Town Homes bear his name. “I’m here because I grew up because I have friends here.”

The neighborhood may look idyllic with children out riding their bicycles but at night resident Dianna Turner says it’s a different story. “This right here is not a bad place to live if it wasn’t so much violence like drug activities . . . They’re just ready to be torn down.”

Her neighbor Marandia Jefferson agrees, “It’s that bad, it gets that bad that I don’t want section 8 — I’m ready to go.”