Posted on February 25, 2005

Group Calls for Juvenile Secretary’s Firing Over Screening of Chris Rock Video

Brendan Farrington, AP, Feb. 24

Tallahassee — Six black legislators called for the removal of Juvenile Justice Secretary Anthony Schembri on Wednesday because he showed a Chris Rock video to Florida NAACP leaders during a meeting last year.

The video, called , was shown during a meeting in Schembri’s office. The 4-minute skit from the comedian’s former HBO show provides tips for young blacks to avoid police beatings, including driving with a white friend and turning down loud rap music when pulled over.

“I found this as being totally and absolutely racist, there’s no way around it,” said Sen. Mandy Dawson, who was joined by five other black legislators. “It doesn’t make sense to me to show this type of video under any circumstances to the NAACP.”