Posted on January 21, 2005

Minnesotan The Surprise Early Leader in the Race For A Billboard

Craig Nelsen, ProjectUSA, January 21, 2005

The Billboard Democracy Campaign, which will advertise the immigration voting records of members of Congress on billboards in their home districts, is off to a great start.

Martin Sabo of Minnesota is the leader in the early polling, with Senators John McCain of Arizona and Larry Craig of Idaho in second and third places.

Congressman Sabo “represents” Minnesota’s 5th District, which is in Minneapolis. He voted three times in the 108th Congress against Rep. Tom Tancredo’s amendments to withhold some federal money from cities that adopt illegal “sanctuary” policies, and he was a co-sponsor of the controversial AgJOBS amnesty.

Rep. Sabo’s ABI grade is an F; when given the opportunity to vote for higher immigration numbers, Rep. Sabo has done so 93% of the time.

Congressman Sabo, who was born on a farm in North Dakota, has learned his catechism well:

“In recent years,” writes Congressman Sabo on his website’s homepage, “the district has been strengthened, become more vibrant and ethnically diverse with arrivals of immigrants from Southeast Asia, East Africa, Central America and Eastern Europe.”


Maybe someday we’ll find out what, exactly, this “vibrancy” thing is, why it always seems to occur automatically wherever there is ethnic diversity, and why, for some members of Congress (and all the editorialists at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune), it always seems to trump the will of the people and the rule of law.

It’s a long shot, but perhaps someone in Congressman Sabo’s DC office can tell you whether there is a connection between his support for amnesty for illegal aliens and all this new vibrancy in which Minneapolis is awash.