Posted on January 27, 2005

Low Riders Beware

Tammie Smith, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jan. 15

Heads up to all the front-seat leaners and thong-barers.

A Norfolk legislator wants you to pull up your low-riding pants and to sit your butt up while driving.

While you are at it, turn down the blasting car stereo, and do not try to watch movies on your in-car video player while driving.

“If you want to show your underwear in your private home, I don’t have any objections,” said Del. Algie T. Howell Jr., a Norfolk Democrat who has filed legislation that would levy a $50 fine on anyone who “exposes his below-waist undergarments in an offensive manner.”

Howell also has filed bills dealing with drivers who lean way back and people who play their car stereos obnoxiously loud. Howell said he’s seen enough and heard from enough folks to know they are as bothered as he is by folks who ex- pose their undergarments.


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