Posted on December 28, 2004

Parents Struggle To Start Multiracial Play Group

Kevin Duffy, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dec. 24

Growing up in Virginia, Lewis Butler sometimes felt like an outcast because of his mixed heritage: Native American, African-American and white.

“I felt like I was that misfit toy,” he said. “I didn’t have a place.”

Butler and his wife, Jennifer, fear that it’s only a matter of time before their two sons — Jett, 3, and Miles, 9 months — will suffer similar feelings. So the Butlers are trying to start a multiracial play group.

For about a year now, they’ve run an announcement in a Fayette County newspaper, The Citizen, that begins “Southside Interracial/Multi-Racial Playgroup is now forming.”

So far, the announcement hasn’t worked. The Butlers aren’t sure why.



Here are the states, plus the District of Columbia, with the most and fewest residents of two or more races, according to 2003 U.S. census estimates:

1. California 830,490 2.3%

2. New York 272,367 1.4%

3. Hawaii 252,363 20%

4. Texas 225,297 1%

5. Florida 197,063 1.1%

14. Georgia 85,080 .097%

47. South Dakota 9,155 1.2%

48. District of Columbia 8,054 1.4%

49. Vermont 6,547 1%

50. North Dakota 6,167 .097%

51. Wyoming 6,137 1.2%