Posted on December 9, 2004

Marriage To A Man She Loved Ended In Murder

Karen Mcveigh, The Scotsman (Edinburgh), Dec. 7

IN May this year, an elderly Sikh man was sentenced to life for the suspected “honour killing” of an eight month pregnant Glasgow woman in front of her baby son.

Anita Gindha, 22, had angered her family by running away from an arranged marriage to a man in India. She fled to Wolverhampton, where she married a man she had fallen in love with, property developer Kashmir Ralh.

Two and a half years later, while eight months pregnant with their second child, she was murdered.

Her husband found her body, with her arms outstretched with one leg crossed over the other — the symbol of crucifixion — at their home in Manor Park, east London.

Palwinder Singh Dhillon, 65, who worked on the same building site as Mr Ralh, was jailed for life for her murder. No concrete motive was ever established for the killing, but Mr Ralh said that the couple were bombarded with threatening phone calls from a member of the family.

In a similar case last year, Mohammed Arshad, a respected member of the community in Dundee, was convicted of incitement to murder.

He plotted to have his son-in-law murdered after he said it was a “stain” on his family’s honour that his daughter, Insha, a Pakistani, had secretly married an Indian.