Posted on December 9, 2004

Bácsfi Ordered To Undergo Psychological Evaluation

Budapest Sun, Dec. 9

DIANA Bácsfi, leader of the neo-Nazi Hungarian Future Group, (MJC) has been ordered to undergo psychological evaluation by the Budapest Central District Court.

Bácsfi and three others are accused of wearing and posting Fascist symbols, and a symbol that resembles the Arrow Cross, used by Hungarian Fascists in World War II.

The four accused pleaded not guilty despite admitting that the symbol they wore on two occasions resembled the arrow-cross.

Bácsfi (who told police she was responsible for graffitti attacks on a statue of Winston Churchill, among others) also admitted that the group’s intention was to have people associate it with the original symbol. One of the accused expressed the group’s opposition to the regulation banning the use of absolutist symbols, saying that the decree is too flexible and can be interpreted in different ways.

Eötvös Lóránd (ELTE) University, where Bácsfi is an outstanding student winning numerous scholarships, started disciplinary talks and initiated the expulsion of Bácsfi on the basis of her harming its good name.

Bácsfi says the MJC’s membership has increased and that donations it has received makes it possible for the group to rent its own offices.

“We are launching our own paper, The Way of Unfolding, before Christmas, and we plan to enter the next elections as a registered political party,” Bácsfi told press.