Posted on December 17, 2004

Cop Rips Immigration

Rob Lamberti, Toronto Sun, Dec. 15

A veteran Toronto cop blasted Canada’s immigration system yesterday after the weekend arrest of a twice-deported career criminal. “To me, the fact this guy should have been deported from this country a long time ago says a lot,” Det.-Sgt. Wilf Townley said. “This isn’t the only (case). There’s lots of other ones.

“They should be getting rid of these people. How does somebody get out on a bond who’s committed 27 criminal offences in this country?”

The man, a father of 10, is one of three charged in a string of violent, gunpoint robberies since June.

The trio was arrested Saturday after the Risco Toy Outlet on Caledonia Rd. was robbed. The getaway driver tried to run down a cop and the officer suffered a knee injury.

The pair are also charged in two separate Brinks heists on June 8 and Aug. 23.

On the weekend, three men armed with a loaded sawed-off shotgun and a 9-mm pistol ordered the toy outlet’s customers to lie on the floor. They were also robbed. As the bandits fled, waiting police moved in.

Charged with 37 robbery and firearms offences are Junior Clive Francis, 45, Gregory Antonio Ambursley, 32, and Orthniel Moriano McLeary, 32, all of Toronto.

Francis has 27 criminal convictions while the other accused were out on bail. Francis had been deported twice to Jamaica. After his second expulsion, he returned to Canada in 1995.

Francis was arrested in 2002 by Toronto Police and claimed refugee status, Townley said. He was ordered deported in April and “he was, for some reason, released on a bond.”

Francis was arrested two more times while on bond, Townley said.

“And to everyone’s great amazement, he is again released on this bond and is out walking the streets,” he said.

Rejean Cantlon, of Canada Border Services Agency, called the complaints unfair, saying it had opposed Francis’ release.

“We can’t arbitrarily hold somebody in detention indefinitely . . . when we have a detention review for somebody, a decision is made by a third party, a board member of the Immigration and Refugee Board.”