Posted on December 10, 2004

An AR News Reader Writes In

AR News Exclusive, Dec. 10

I am writing about how AmRen is perceived, and how this may affect our struggle to preserve Western Civilization.

My concern has to do specifically with the comments sections of the website. I read the articles often, and I have on rare occasion commented on them. However, I observe two things about the comments

First, as is true on any site, one finds that 80 percent or more of the comments are the product of the same regulars.

Second, I find that the level of discussion, or more correctly, the running conversation between these regulars (and the majority of the occasional posters) does nothing to enlighten a reader about the original article. Rather, one hears the same, weary and often alarmist and exaggerated statements and positions. An extreme example (unfortunately not unrealistic) is “stock up on ammunition and head for the mountains, because the darker races are about to revolt.”

The people who issue this warning are harmless enough, I’m sure. Every board at every website has the same core group that dishes out questionable advice. But to be blunt, an ongoing apocalyptic chorus is not useful in converting those who are first wading into the cold waters of truth. This is my main concern: When I view the site from the perspective of a newcomer (say, someone who just Googled a subject and followed a link to a pertinent article on AmRen), my first reaction is “Hey, this is a great article!” But my second reaction is “I’ve found a bunch of looneys spending too much time in front of their PC and stockpiling ammo, waiting for the Zionist-Negro alliance to come a’ bustin’ their door down!”

Another example, even more pertinent. There are times when I would love to forward a link to an AmRen article, but while many of the people I want to enlighten are willing to open their minds to truths that will be revealed explicitly or implicitly in the article itself, they are not so open-minded about the aforementioned choir.

Here’s my suggestion: Move the Comments section to one or more boards, where the chatterers will be happy. Heck, you can even set up explicitly extreme boards where they can say whatever they like. In doing so, the Amren articles will be available for the neophytes to read, consider, and draw their own conclusions. If they were smart enough to find their way to the article, they’ll probably be smart enough to understand the higher meaning, without having immediately to confront the underbelly of the movement.

One final argument: I find myself occasionally reading the site at work. The articles alone are defensible. However, the Comments sections are often crude enough that it would be impossible to make a reasoned argument to Human Resources if I were to be confronted with my web-surfing habits. I think the cause would be much better served if people like me could forward links to reasoned articles without running the risk of a) offending a potential recruit by sudden immersion and b) being disciplined or fired for “offensive” surfing habits.

Best wishes from an admirer and supporter.