Posted on September 15, 2004

Turkey, Europe, and Bin Ladens

Muammar Kaddafi, September 15, 2004

It is in Turkey’s economic interest to be part of Europe. It is also in the interest of the Muslim world that an Islamic nation such as Turkey is within the European Union, as a Trojan horse. On the other hand, it is in the interest of Europe that Turkey is part of NATO only as a military colony and a military base for the Alliance, but it is not in its interest that Turkey be part of the European Union. Turkey is a tree, which roots are in Asia, and only its branch that touches Europe.

It is an Islamic state of a Sunni denomination, with orientalist traditions, customs, history, culture, attitude and taste.

Even its alphabets are not Latin in fact it spoiled the Latin alphabets.

Turkey is the cradle of the great Hittite historic orientalist Civilization. It was the centre of the vast Ottoman Empire and Islamic Caliphate. Turkey historically did not look into Europe but as an arena for expansion and conquests. Turkey’ has for 55 years been trying to be a European state, but this did not materialize for objective reason far stronger than mere wishes and pragmatism. Admitting Turkey into European Union is like an attempt to transplant a human organ into a body of another person with a different blood group, and they never have any biological compatibility. Their only link is that they live in opposite blocks of flats across the street!

Europe and Germany in particular could benefit from Turkey’s cheap labour, as immigrant workers, but not in their interest that such labour be from a Union member state, during which they will be entitled to rights not desired by Europe at all.

What is the interest of Europe if it is joined by a relatively backward (In comparison with Western progress) oriental state, as annual per capita in Turkey is less than 7000 dollars, whereas the lowest per capita in Europe is in Spain, 19,000 dollars, but in Germany 26,000 dollars. Child death rate in Turkey is 45 per one thousand ; whereas the rate in Europe is only 4 per one thousand. Inflation rate in Turkey is 70% and in Europe is 2-3%.

Nonetheless, it is possible one day to overcome such material discrepancies. But the thing that Europe will never be lenient on or adventure is that Turkey be a Trojan horse. The problem does not lie with the Turkish veterans and subsequent generation of politicians, who still revere Ataturk, but the problem lies in the new and future generation. Youth who are mentored by satellite channels and the Internet and acquire one lesson after another from Muslim World scholars, even from Ben Laden on daily and even on every hour bases, a matter that could not be prevented.

What if thousand of Turks study under Ben Laden, his group, Mullah Omar or his Loya Jirgah (Grand Assembly), a thing that is surely exists now. We say if only to alleviate the magnitude of the shock. For these consider Europe as an infidel and only merits conquering by the sword. They will not stop at the doors of Vienna, as the Ottomans did, but look forward to cross the Atlantic, and follow the footsteps of Auqba Ben Nafaa, who stood on the back of his horse on the Atlantic coast and said: “O’ God if I knew that there are people beyond You (Atlantic), I would cross on my horse to conquer and force them to embrace Islam”. Auqba never knew then that there was a continent called America beyond the Atlantic. But these know very well what is beyond the Atlantic. These new generations do not recognize the abolition of capital punishment, because God in the Quran commands it. Even more, they will not accept but cutting off the hand of the thief as commanded by God. And scourging whoever commits adultery with one hundred stripes, as these are the limits (ordained) of Allah (God) . “And there is the life for you in retaliation, O men of understanding” and “Whoso judgeth not by that which Allah hath revealed: such are evil-livers.”

Then when Turkey becomes a European member, they will not accept a ban on parties with Islamic titles in Turkey, whereas no ban on those with Christian titles in Europe. Then the new Muslim extremists who control power or the street in Turkey will not accept to be part of a Union which constitution does not provide for Islamic sharia and limits (ordained) of Allah. They could constitute a majority in the European parliament, because they will ban all means of contraceptives, for they believe it is not permitted. They believe in polygamy, maids and what the right hand possessed, i.e. European Christian women, thus Turkey will be the most populous state in Europe.

Then plans of Islamist Turks in Europe and obviously behind them the Islamic grass roots is to revive Albania as an Islamic state, as well as Bosnia. Therefore, infidel Europe, as they believe will be for the first time, before the pressure of the new European Islamic front behind which is the entire Muslim world, one which will force Europe into embracing Islam or pay poll tax, this is provided for in the Quran as a duty. Such information could be surprising or amusing to sum, but for Muslims it is a message from God that has to be realized.

The future from now on is for Islamic parties in Turkey and for supporters of Ben Laden. Subscription to any Islamic party particularly if they are newly formed in Turkey is surprising. In few years time, several millions including one million women joined one of the Islamic parties in Turkey. Ben Laden, the Mullahs and the Loya Jirgah (Grand Assembly) will be happy and indeed gainers if Turkey joins the European Union.

Furthermore, Turkey will drag with it to Europe a set of problems and indeed explosive ones, such as the Kurds problem, sectarian conflict, and a potential war over the Tigris and Euphrates, membership of the Organization of Islamic Conference, Islamic D8, and Turkey’s roots in the Islamic Central Asian states. Seljuk and after them the Turks were a nation founded by conquests, they arrived at Anatolya by conquests and arrived at Constantinople by conquests and arrived even at Austria by conquests.

It was possible for me not to toll this alarm bell and not to uncover this horrifying map. However, due to my responsibility to the stability of the world in the first place and peace in the Mediterranean, which the Arab possess its southern coast- of which Libya occupies two-thousand kilometers of this southern coast- since there is no coast in the south without Libya. All this makes it incumbent upon me to speak out to the world about what I see as far as this strategic issue is concerned, which will have serious reflections that will touch my country, its region and then shacks the entire world, before it is to late and before a decision is taken that will have serious consequences.