Posted on September 16, 2004

Radio Personalities To Hold ‘Fire Dreier’ Rally

Marianne Love, Pasadena Star News, Sep. 15

GLENDORA — Police are bracing for thousands of people to hit the streets of Glendora today when KFI-AM 640 talk-radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou have a “Fire Dreier’ rally in front of the district office of Rep. David Dreier.

They are making Dreier the GOP’s sacrificial lamb for what they claim is his allowing undocumented immigrants to wreak havoc on the state’s economy. Their show will be broadcast live from 3 to 7 p.m.

They say undocumented immigrants clutter up the freeways, prisons, hospitals and schools.

“We are doing this to make a point. Dreier is a phony liar when it comes to immigration,” said Kobylt in a telephone interview. “He says one thing and votes another way. If you’re angry about the effects of illegal immigration, the way to fight back is to sacrifice a powerful congressman who’s been lying about his voting record.”

About 15 percent of KFI’s million listeners live in the San Gabriel Valley, Kobylt said.

Dreier, 52, up for re-election in November, did not return two phone calls seeking comment.

He faces Democrat opponent Cynthia Matthews in the race for the 26th District, which stretches along the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and portions of western San Bernardino County where there are 636,000 residents.

His opponent should benefit from the protest, her supporters say.

“This brings name recognition, money and a sheer number of voters (our way),” said Bill McClellan, a Matthews campaign worker. “Of course, that is good for Matthews and good for the district.”

Some say taking Dreier out would be a slap in the face to President Bush and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Dreier, a 24-year veteran, chairs the powerful House Rules Committee and played a large role in recalling former Gov. Gray Davis.

He and Rep. Joe Baca, a Democrat representing the 43rd Congressional District of San Bernardino, Colton, Rialto, Fontana, Bloomington and Ontario, were voted “political human sacrifices’ by “The John and Ken Show’ listeners during the week of Sept. 6.

Dreier racked up 76.24 percent of the votes ahead of Chris Cox, Darrell Issa, Mary Bono and Dana Rohrabacher.

By taking down Dreier and Baca listeners will send the message that they are frustrated by the unchecked wave of illegal immigration from Mexico.

Glendora police say they are ready for the influx of radio listeners to the Route 66 office during the rally. They plan to deploy two extra patrol units and four officers.

“It’s not costing the city any extra money,” Sgt. Virgil Weber said. “We are shifting work schedules, there is no overtime.”