Posted on September 29, 2004

Non-Citizen Voter Fraud

Joseph Farah,, Sep. 29

Ever wonder why politicians of both major parties show little interest in cracking down on illegal immigration?

Here’s one possibility: The 8-12 million illegals already in this country represent one of the largest, special-interest voting blocks in America.

What? You say illegal aliens are not permitted to vote? That’s right, of course. But they are also not permitted legally to be in this country. And, it seems, there is just about as much enforcement preventing them from voting as there is keeping them out of the country.

Think about it.

If you’re registered to vote, you know what it takes. No one asked you to prove your citizenship. No one asked to see your birth certificate or your passport.

Some jurisdictions require a photo ID, but, of course, there’s nothing to prevent even illegal aliens from getting drivers’ licenses legally in nearly half the states in America—including some of the biggest.

Some jurisdictions require applicants to sign a pledge on voter-registration forms affirming they are U.S. citizens. But, again, if you’re willing to break into the country illegally, the need to lie to a county clerk is probably not going to be much of a deterrent to voting.

Some jurisdictions require voters to provide their Social Security numbers, but illegal aliens often have those—either real ones or fake ones.

As state elections officials told the Washington Times recently, there’s simply no place for those registering voters to go to find out who is legal and who is not.

“There is no way of checking,” said Maryland State Board of Elections Administrator Linda H. Lamone. “We have no way of doing that. We have no access to any information about who is in the United States legally or otherwise.”

Of the 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens believed to be in the country, about two-thirds are of voting age. That’s a huge voting block—even if fewer than a third of them even bother. In a close election like 2000, they could more than make the difference.

“The whole system isn’t well-guarded,” said Steven Camarota, director of research at the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies. “There’s no system in place to really prevent illegal aliens from voting or even to deter them from voting.”

No federal agency keeps records of which undocumented immigrants are in the country. And, of course, no state or local governments do either.

Camarota said a higher percentage of legal immigrants who are not citizens might be voting illegally.

Making matters worse, many cities in America permit non-citizens to vote in local elections. This practice conditions illegals to vote and most make little distinction between local, state and national elections.

You might recall a column I wrote just prior to the 2000 presidential election exposing a hideous effort by the California Democratic Party in conjunction with President Clinton to enlist illegal aliens as voters in the last hours of the 2000 race.

“Voter ID cards” were provided to people who were in the INS system, but were non-citizens. They were encouraged to vote for Democrats, even though they were clearly ineligible to vote.

There was some momentary outrage over the scandal, as reported exclusively in WorldNetDaily, but with a presidential cliffhanger and dozens of other Clinton administration scandals unresolved, unaddressed and unpunished, the furor soon fizzled.

I have little hope that monumental injustice will ever be investigated. I have little hope America will wake up to the danger of this kind of class and race politics. I have little hope that the next election will be any different.

This kind of abuse is going to lead in one of two directions:

  1. Americans are going to grow weary of this charade and the way their own ability to hold their government accountable under the rule of law is being diminished. Some day it will lead to rebellion.
  2. Americans are going to become conditioned to the way their votes have been stolen and the way politicians work only for their own empowerment. Eventually this will lead to a general recognition among the populace that the game is rigged and they will lose interest in even playing—even going through the motions of voting.

It’s a form of tyranny, really, when the government tolerates voting by non-citizens ineligible to vote and actively encourages more of them to enter the country. It make politicians unaccountable to the people and unaccountable to the rule of law.

But there will be a day of reckoning some time.

It could be a major terrorist attack perpetrated by operatives who used the same techniques to enter the country that the illegal aliens use.

It could be the crime rate exacerbated by illegal aliens reaches the point that American citizens take matters into their own hands.

It could be rising taxes, health-care costs and insurance premiums deliver a wake-up call.

It could be any number of possibilities or any combination. But that day of reckoning is coming. And I wouldn’t want to be one of the self-serving politician-collaborators when that day comes.