Tying the Hands of Teachers

Mary Morrison, American Renaissance, January 25, 2013

Discipline and “disparate impact.”

Last April, UCLA’s Civil Right Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles (yes, it has a bilingual name) released a report called Opportunities Suspended: The Disparate Impact of Disciplinary Exclusion from School.

The report, with findings the authors called “deeply disturbing” and “shocking,” analyzed student suspension data from 7,000 school districts representing about 85 percent of the nation’s public-school students. Students are being suspended or expelled at nearly double the 1974 rate, and black students are suspended more than three times as often as white students. In some districts, the report notes, as many as half of all black students are suspended during their high-school years.

“Most suspensions are for minor or vague infractions . . . this is clearly an unsound educational policy,” wrote co-author Daniel Losen. “The numbers in our report indicate an absolute crisis.”

As if on cue, “experts” in the government, think tanks, so-called civil rights foundations, and institutions of higher learning—where most education theory originates—immediately expressed outrage, saying suspension policies were “racist” and demanding immediate change.

Maisie Chin, the executive director of Community Asset Development Re-defining Education, based in Los Angeles, claimed that the report “helps the public see suspensions and the disproportionate ways in which they are handed out as a systemic problem.”

“These numbers show clear and consistent racial and ethnic disparities in suspensions,” said John H. Jackson, the president of the Schott Foundation for Public Education, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Any entity not serious about addressing this [problem] becomes a co-conspirator in the demise of these children.”

The Huffington Post, unbelievably, reported that students are being suspended from school for “talking back to a teacher, cursing, walking into class late or even eye rolling.” Eye rolling?

Not one of the reports I read in major newspapers included an interview with a teacher. We teachers are the people who work day-to-day on the front lines, and who must suffer the consequences of feel-good policies set by people who do not work in schools.

Teachers are already under the gun not to discipline too many blacks or Hispanics, and are already feeling the consequences of not being able to exclude willfully disruptive students. Back in 2007, the Los Angeles Unified School District adopted yet another district-wide discipline policy—this one a mere 14 pages—to “ensure that equitable school-based practices are implemented in a fair, non-discriminatory and culturally responsive manner.” We were supposed to use “positive interventions and means of correction other than suspension, transfer or expulsion” (emphasis in original).

“Positive reinforcement” does not change the behavior of disruptive students. I’m not sure suspension really does either, but none of us teachers cares: it is a way to get the kid the hell out of our classrooms so we can have a brief moment of peace. I should note that teachers cannot suspend students from school—only administrators can do that—but we can suspend students from our classrooms.

To do that we have to follow a bothersome protocol of writing up in detail exactly what the student said or did, while trying to keep the other 40-plus students “engaged in learning.” We have to include the race of the student on suspension forms, and anyone who suspends more than a handful of students a year is seen as unable to control a class. All this will be noted on evaluations.

Just getting an angry student out the door is usually difficult. Blacks and some Hispanics have hair-trigger, explosive tempers, which make them very dangerous. Students who are disruptive want to “diss” their teachers and make as much trouble for other school personnel as possible, and they want an audience. Many absolutely refuse to leave—calls to security go unheeded and calls to the office are often unanswered. Plenty of students have to be dragged away cursing and screaming.

And then the teacher has to notify the principal, and then call an often absent or utterly uninterested parent to arrange a parent conference.

So, for once, let’s let teachers sound off on these new policies of trying to keep everyone in class no matter what.

I first spoke with an old colleague with 30 years experience teaching 9th-grade students in a large, majority-black and -Hispanic urban high school with rock-bottom test scores and an average graduation rate of 50 percent. “How is the new ‘Supportive School Discipline Initiative Policy’ working out?” I asked.

“Not well at all,” she began. “A few days ago in a class of 43 Algebra I students, I suddenly noticed a two-inch flame light up in the back of the room. I walked back to see what was going on and the flame shot up again. I could see it was coming from a Bic lighter a student was trying to use to light a pipe—the type used to smoke crack.

“I sent the student to the office with a brief referral describing the circumstances only to have the student return the next day with a note from the office explaining that the kid was in his ‘fifth round of drug rehab’ and was trying to ‘get clean.’ ”

“Last week,” she continued, “a student in chemistry lab peed into a beaker in full view of his lab partners and other students. The teacher sent the kid and the beaker to the office, only to have the kid return promptly—sans beaker—with a note from the office stating that the ‘problem has been taken care of.’ ”

Five years ago, a student who lit a drug pipe in class would have been suspended, and at a minimum sent to an alternative school; the student who relieved himself into a beaker would also have been suspended, pending a full psychological evaluation. There would have been a call to the Department of Health, and meetings with parents, principal, counselors and administrators. These days, terrible conduct has become unremarkable, even normalized. Teachers have no choice but to let students back into class and act as if nothing unusual happened. Other students learn that behavior of this kind has no repercussions and is apparently acceptable.

I asked a former colleague, who now works as an administrator in a large, majority black/Hispanic high school, about discipline policies. “Student behavior has coarsened,” he said. “All day, I hear every obscenity imaginable. Kids have also taken to wearing pajama bottoms, bedroom slippers, or flip-flops. They wear T-shirts with images of marijuana leaves, pro-drug messages, photos of automatic weapons, or even the F-word printed on them. We used to make students wearing such forbidden attire turn the T-shirt inside out or change into one we kept in the office. If the kid refused, we sent him home. No longer; it’s simply not worth it to fill out the reams of paperwork required, and parents more than likely will defend their children, and ask what ‘our problem’ is.

“We used to round up students who loitered around the campus all day instead of attending class, and herd them back into classrooms. No longer. It’s far easier to let the miscreants hang out on the far side of the PE field than to force them back into class, where the teacher is likely to send them to the office for disruption anyway—meaning more paperwork. This way, at least the students are on campus and we can count them present for state ADA money.”

(ADA stands for “Average Daily Attendance.” It is that number, rather than total enrollment, that determines how much money the school district gets from the state.)

“Last week, a female student entered my office and said: ‘Mr. T, do you know they’re doing heroin on the PE field now? A boy invited me out for periods 4 and 5 to use heroin with him and the other kids out there. He said he’d show me how.’ ”

I asked another former colleague who used to teach special-education students. “I recently quit after 20 years,” he said. “I handed in my resignation, walked out the front door, drove out of the parking lot, and didn’t look back. The school called me repeatedly begging me to return, but I’d had enough and I don’t regret my decision.

“I was tired of uneducated, barely literate parents coming down to the school to dictate to me how I was going to do my job and what I was and was not to do in my classroom. Parents expected me to perform miracles with their profoundly retarded children, and refused consent for them to take behavior-moderating drugs during school hours—drugs that keep violent, explosive students at least manageable. Without these drugs, some of these students are dangerous. We know why parents don’t want their kids to be medicated at school. It’s so they can keep the medicine at home and give the kids a double dose in the afternoon—because the parents can’t manage them either.

“Many of these parents show up with either a local advocate [see below] or a sue-happy lawyer. Parents sue without hesitation if their plan isn’t followed to the letter or if the outcome isn’t what they want. There are many such lawsuits against the school district, and parents win about 70 percent of them. Lately, they’ve taken to suing us individually and personally; I know an administrator who has a lien against her house because of such a lawsuit.

(“Local advocates” are loudmouths with little education, who seem to be on-call 24 hours a day to come in with and “stand up for” blacks or Hispanics against “institutionally racist” organizations, such as the local school. They may be other parents, ministers, or advocates from local race-based organizations. Some are running for local office or even the school board. They are attention-seekers, who want to get their names in the papers, agitate “for their people,” and prove their “racial cred.”  They are some of the nastiest folks I have ever met, and Asians are getting in on the act too.)

“Parents have all the rights; we have none. But the worst of it is this: Students like the ones I had 10 years ago have now been mainstreamed into regular classrooms, and the students I get now are exactly like the ones I used to work with in a locked-down psychiatric hospital. No, I don’t regret my decision to quit.”

Teaching is already an uphill battle. Even when students genuinely want to learn, many are struggling because of low IQs. The textbooks are full of propaganda. And on top of this we have policies that prevent us from controlling disruptive students because we must correct those racially “skewed” discipline statistics. The theory is that we have a secret, racist desire is to keep the Hispanic/black students in trouble, suspended and out of school, and deprive them of an education.

It should go without saying but I will say it anyway: Blacks and Hispanics are suspended more often than whites and Asians for the same reason boys are suspended more often than girls: They cause more trouble. For at least the last 10 years, teachers have avoided disciplining black students even for egregious behavior because they know blacks will complain and that teachers will be accused of “racism.”

Every new report on race differences in suspension rates means more pressure on teachers. It means we have to let thugs get away with being thugs. The better-behaved children see this and start acting like thugs, too. Everyone’s education suffers. More good teachers give up and leave the district—and are replaced with incompetents.

I will close with another authentic anecdote. An administrator at a typical inner-city Los Angeles high school spots a student wandering around on the PE fields by himself. The administrator walks over and says, “Excuse me, what are you doing here?”

The student knows he can get away with just about anything. “I’m here to hang out and get high,” he says.

With today’s asinine, why-are-we-punishing-innocent-students policies, there is no way to discipline the student. There is no way to convince his parents he is in the wrong. There is no point in shanghaiing him back into a classroom where he will just cause trouble.

The administrator shrugs. “Very well. Carry on.”

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Mary Morrison
Mary Morrison has been teaching in Los Angeles schools for more than 20 years.
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  • They wear T-shirts with images of marijuana leaves, pro-drug messages,
    photos of automatic weapons, or even the F-word printed on them. We used
    to make students wearing such forbidden attire turn the T-shirt inside
    out or change into one we kept in the office. If the kid refused, we
    sent him home. No longer; it’s simply not worth it to fill out the reams
    of paperwork required, and parents more than likely will defend their
    children, and ask what ‘our problem’ is.

    These are probably the Halcyon Days of public education in Southern California. Ten years from now, today’s teachers (if they are still around, and not replaced with a revolving door of Can’t Teach For America social justice dingbats every semester), will reminisce and long for the days when students bothered to show up to school at all wearing T-shirts and halter tops with the F-word and pot leaves printed on them.

    • Mike Millan

      I wonder what the NAACP will say when these brilliant kids think they can do anything without punishment and end up being disproportionately arrested.

  • Barrack Osama


    • Oil Can Harry

      The other solution is to bring back segregated schools.

      Since school suspensions are supposedly cruel, let there be all-black and all-Latino schools where no one ever gets suspended.

      Let’s see how that experiment works out.

      • Garrett Brown

        It would be the downfall of liberals. It will never be allowed.

      • We do have them. The experiment is not altogether successful.

      • puffdaddy

        A lot of the schools the author refers to (and the one specifically referred to) are basically segregated so the suspension rates are being compared state wide, or to white schools.

      • Oil can Harry-I applaud your thought here. I say the experiment is over.Since

        • the mid sixties i grew up in flint mi [ the current murder capital of the country,three years running,if I’m not mistaken] I remember the streets of north flint as a place where ice cream venders walked a cart ringing bells on their handle bars to alert there cumming,and entrepreneur

  • tarczan

    I always enjoy(is that the word?) marys’ writings.

    Here is a little of the joys of diversity(JOD) from Cleveland.http://www.19actionnews.com/category/240218/video-landing-page?clipId=8227240&autostart=true

    • Howard W. Campbell

      Thank goodness for youtube and other similar sites. They are the modern day minstrel shows. BTW, John Adams high school in Cleveland is on Martin Luther King Drive. .

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Vol. 22, No. 8 August 2011

    The Galton Report

    Race differences in school discipline.

    American Renaissance Magazine

    by Hippocrates

    [PDF file, scroll to page 12]


    In 2004, the American Psychological Association (APA) set up a task force to examine race differences in school discipline and determine the reason for them.

    * * *

    Curiously, the report gave no data for suspension and expulsion rates for Asians.

    * * *

    Could there be race differences in disruptive or violent behavior?

    Not at all, the task force concluded. It stated that “there are no data supporting the assumption that African American students exhibit higher rates of disruption or violence that would warrant higher rates of discipline. Rather, African American students may be disciplined more severely for less serious or more subjective reasons . . . the disproportionate discipline of students of color may be due to lack of teacher preparation in classroom management, lack of training in culturally competent practices, or racial stereotypes.” (p. 854)

    * * *

    [What follows is lengthy discussion of previous research, ignored by the APA]

    It will be noted that in all of these studies [long previously done studies] the black-white differences in the rates of conduct disorders and in criminal convictions are considerably greater than the differences in school expulsions and suspensions. This suggests that the task force’s conclusion that teacher bias explains racial difference in expulsions and suspensions is unlikely to be correct. In fact, the greater race differences in the prevalence of conduct disorders and in criminal convictions than in school discipline suggests that far from disciplining blacks more harshly, school principals are reluctant to suspend and expel them for fear of being accused of racism, and are therefore more tolerant of anti-social behavior by blacks.

    Ever since the 1960s, when studies of race differences in school discipline became common, researchers have stressed the importance of keeping careful race statistics. This means school administrators know their patterns of discipline will be scrutinized, and that they will be criticized for any departure from proportionality.

    The most reasonable interpretation of all these studies is that there are racial differences in anti-social behavior, and these explain the differences in suspension and expulsion rates. The task force was composed of experienced social scientists who cannot have been unaware of the many studies of conduct disorders and crime. One can only conclude that they simply ignored them and blamed high rates of suspension and expulsion on the inadequacies of white teachers.

    Entirely aside from the fact that race differences in behavior are well established, there are ways to check the task force’s conclusions about white incompetence. There are now many non-white school administrators who have disciplinary authority. Why did the task force not research black and Hispanic principals? If their patterns of discipline were the same as those of whites—or even showed sharper race differences—it would undercut the theory of white incompetence and bias.

    * * *

    Whenever social science touches on the question of race differences, the temptation to twist the facts appears to be overwhelming (see cover story). The question of race differences in discipline rates is no exception.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    This should be linked to every conservatism inc. lackey who thinks America’s education woes are due to teachers unions or the lack of vouchers.

    • lost angeles

      The teacher unions are a part of the problem because they are very far left and don’t ever make a stand for principal issues like demanding a halt to social promotion or making a stink about the lack of discipline in schools. It’s always about salary and benefits while the educational results are dismal. That said, abolishing unions is exactly what the left wingers want because then they can fire anyone who resists their ‘teaching methods’ and indoctrination curriculum. I don’t know the answer but the union is the only thing keeping teachers from being compelled to teach 2+2=5 under threat of losing their
      jobs. And the only protection teachers have to speak against the new institutional racism like this mural which proudly adorns the main building of Roosevelt High in Los Angeles.

      • I challenge you to name a couple left-wing or Democrat politicians who are in favor of abolishing the teachers’ unions. The fact is the NEA controls the Democratic Party more than any other pressure group does, and the NEA has an absolute veto with Democrats when it comes to government-imposed standards for curriculum and teaching methods.

        • While you are technically correct in that no Democrat/left politicians will come out and say abolish the teachers’ unions, there is a developing cultural undercurrent of “blame the unions” from certain segments of the SWPL left. Waiting For Superman, a product of a younger Guggenheim man, who is a big Al Gore shill who also produced An Inconvenient Truth.

        • anon

          Look at what just went down in Chicago. Rahm’s buddies own the businesses that run privatized charter schools. They are tapping into the massive amount of tax money devoted to ‘education’ and don’t want to have to deal with teachers who have union wages and protections. Did Obummer come out swinging to protect the teacher’s union there?

      • MikeofAges

        If you had ever been somewhere where there was no social promotion, you might have a different view of the situation. And, by the way, do you want the most ineducable and unruly 14-year-old boy in a class full of 12-year-olds, or younger?

        A change in methods is called for. But you don’t want to go back to the dark ages. Take my word for it.

  • JohnEngelman

    Mary Morrison hits another bull’s eye with precision. My only suggestion is that she should have mentioned how easy it is to teach poor Oriental children. It needs to be pointed out that blacks and Hispanics often have inclinations toward criminal behavior that cannot be explained economically.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Near the end she DID mention that Oriental students were far better behaved than blacks and hispanics. However, she also noted that Asians were starting to play the race card like the other nonwhites.

      And since 75% of them voted for Obama that makes them partly responsible for this insane Stop Suspending Nonwhites movement. A movement that will only make schools more dangerous for Asian and white students.

    • My dad was in the navy, and stationed in Manila back in the sixties. He told me that you could not walk down the main street in Manila without having your watch literally stolen off of your wrist by “orientals.” He told me that he and his friends used to pitch pennies into the filthy river running through downtown, and that “oriental” kids would dive into the water to to pick them from the bottom. He also told me that “orientals” ate monkey brains. Are filipinos considered “orientals” in your eyes?

      • JohnEngelman

        Orientals are Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese.

        • Dude

          Vietnamese are considered to be SE Asian. You know nothing about the race you foolishly praise.

          • JohnEngelman

            I get my information from Jared Taylor, who wrote, “Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate,”

            And from Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who wrote, “Modern science shows a three-way pattern of race differences in both physical traits and behavior. On average, Orientals are…less sexually active, less aggressive, and have larger brains and higher IQ scores. Blacks are at the other pole. Whites fall in the middle, but closer to Orientals than to Blacks…

            “IQ tests are often made to have an average score of 100, with a “normal” range from 85 to 115. Whites average from 100 to 103. Orientals in Asia and the U.S. tend to have higher scores, about 106, even though IQ tests were made for use in the Euro-American culture.”

          • Dude

            I was pointing out that Vietnamese are SE Asian like Laotians and Thai, and not NE Asian like Chinese and Japanese.

          • Dude

            Not only do we have “hispanics” inflating our crime rates, we’ve got all sorts of mongrel freaks who are “white” on the census. Yet the most peaceful and creative societies are White ones.


          • JohnEngelman

            That is an ideological website that makes unsubstantiated assertions about the low crime rate in Switzerland.

            According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime the murder rate in Switzerland is 0.7 per 100,000 inhabitants. That is low, but it is lower in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.


          • Dude

            That link puts Eastern Asia at 1.3 and Western Europe at 1.0, despite the aliens in their midst inflating our crime rates. The mostly White Australasia comes in at 1.0 as well. Northern and Southern Europe at 1.5 and 1.4 would surely be much better if homogenous too.

          • Dude

            Though I see where the Japanese stereotype of the violent Korean comes from now. lol

          • Uh, Engelman? You’re reading an ideological website right now.

            My problem with it, the “Prison Planet” (read: Alex Jones) link, is that you do not once read the word “white” or “race” in the article.

          • JohnEngelman

            Although I am confident that what Jared Taylor wrote in “The Color of Crime,” is true, I would not quote him in an argument with a liberal. I would quote FBI Crime reports, or something like that.

            When arguing with a conservative about job creation per year under Democratic and Republican presidents I would not quote a left wing website. Instead I quote The Wall Street Journal.


          • Garrett Brown

            Those studies have no legitimacy when they group mestizos in with European whites.

        • george00

          You left out Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Sumatra, Malaysia, Nepal, Mongolia and some other low IQ Oriental countries. Filipinos are Polynesians but still Mongoloids. And as far as eating monkey brains, in the cases I’ve heard about, the monkeys were still alive while their brains were being eaten.

        • george00

          You left out Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Sumatra, Malaysia, Nepal, Mongolia and some other low IQ Oriental countries. Filipinos are Polynesians but still Mongoloids. And as far as eating monkey brains, in the cases I’ve heard about, the monkeys were still alive while their brains were being eaten.

          • JohnEngelman

            You are looking for excuses to hate them, aren’t you? In the United States Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese immigrants and their descendants tend to do perform and behave better in school than whites. They have lower rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites.

          • Derek

            Mr. Engelman I understand your a bit of an sinophile but honestly I don’t think you can go five minutes without mentioning or posting something about orientals, good lord we get the picture already.

          • MikeofAges

            White people, except for the hereditary upper middle class, should be treated as disadvantaged. I’ve lived it. I was one of those “scary” (to you) people in downtown San Jose you complained seeing around you in the 1970s.

            I’ll tell you something about America no one recognizes. We casually believe that people come here, take the up escalator to the middle class, and stay there. Even blacks believe in this fairy tale to the extent that they seems to believe that if they received their “fair share” they make it to the middle class and sustain themselves there.

            In actuality, the people who have been the longest, except for those for whom specific arrangements have been made — the New England elite, for example — are the people who are the worst off. Think about it. Appalachians, Native Americans, blacks, the white rural underclass and so on. More likely, a lot of people have gone from the uphill side to the downhill side without ever quite reaching the top.

            Do we ever pause to develop the people who are here already? Was done once, in the era between the 1920s and the 1960s. The results were pretty good, really. Even for blacks.

          • JohnEngelman


            I too have experienced downward social mobility.

            In a number of comments I have acknowledged that a high rate of immigration jeopardizes the standards of living of people who already live in the United States.

            More immigrants mean more people. More people from any cause – including a high birth rate by white Americans – mean more customers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this has an inflationary effect on prices, and a depressing effect on wages. Therefore it raises profits.

            Most Americans who were born in this country have faced an increasingly stressful economy since the recession of 1974. This is partially due to the increase in immigration that followed the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. It is partly due to the increase in the American birth rate that followed the end of the Second World War.

            Nevertheless, on a purely visceral level I like immigrants. I appreciate the cultural diversity they contribute. I like the sight and sound of foreign languages. I like ethnic restaurants, ethnic grocery stores, ethnic festivals, ethnic this, and ethnic that.

            Unlike most liberals, however, I acknowledge that what I like contributes to the growing income gap liberals like to complain about, even while ignoring one of the causes.

          • MikeofAges

            What about the point that outside of those for whom specific arrangements have been made, whites should be treated as educationally disadvantaged, and without regard to the educational level of their parents I would add. Too many people with some college or degrees outright never climb the economic ladder.

          • JohnEngelman


            I am not sure what you mean. If you think that whites in the United States should have special privileges, I disagree.

            Most Americans overestimate the value of a college education. What matters is to go to an elite university and get a professional degree, or a degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.)

            Those for whom this is not an option should learn a skilled trade for which there is an obvious demand. One should learn a marketable skill that is portable. Five years of experience should be worth more than one year of experience, and it should be valued in other parts of the country.

            The computer field has become too diverse for me to recommend it. The field changes so rapidly that five years of experience in any aspect may be obsolete.

            Those who love the liberal arts and social sciences, like I do, should study them on their own as hobbies.

          • MikeofAges

            Special privileges is not what I have in mind. If you had outreach and significant efforts to qualify all people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds for study (and eventual careers) in STEM fields, and whites and even Hispanics succeeded in these programs far more often than blacks, that is not special privilege.

            My argument is that all whites for whom specific arrangements have not been made for their education and future careers should be considered educationally disadvantaged. The idea of “specific arrangements” refers primarily to the hereditary upper middle class families with inherited or entrepreneurial wealth. Even many people have high incomes but no clue how to develop their children into much of anything but mall shoppers.

          • convairXF92

            My Taiwanese ex-roommate says that Filipinos eat monkey eyeballs.

            Filipinos may be part Australoid (skin tone; prognathism; nose shape).

      • Greg

        I have heard other ex sailors say this exact same thing about Manila.

      • Dude

        They’re certainly a lower (and maybe less pure) breed of mongoloid.

      • pcmustgo

        Manila is the Phillipines. The Filipinos are not pure asian- they are polynesian, at the bottom of the Asian pile in terms of IQ and test scores. Some are even mixed with African, others with Spanish.

        That was wrong of your father to throw pennies in the water to make them do that… cruel….

        • pcmustgo

          Many whites go to these third world countries and exploit non-whites… prostitution, etc… This fuels their hatred of us.

    • newscomments70

      Please explain the extreme gang problem in virtually every Asian american community. I have Asian friends and colleagues whom I respect very much. Even they would agree on how ridiculous you sound. Stop kissing up, it’s disgusting. And like most liberals, you conveniently ignore obvious facts.

      • JohnEngelman

        Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate…

        Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.

        – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”

        Orientals are under-represented in U.S. crime statistics…

        In one study of female arrests, 75% were Black women. Only 13% were White women. No Asian women were arrested…

        A 1996 government commission in Ontario, Canada, reported that Blacks were five times more likely go to jail than Whites, and 10 times more likely than Orientals. In Brazil, there are 1.5 million Orientals, mostly Japanese whose ancestors went there as laborers in the 19th century, and who are the least represented in crime…

        Chart 4 is based on INTERPOL Yearbooks and shows that this racial pattern is consistent globally. Rates of murder, rape, and serious assault were four times higher in African and Caribbean countries than in Asian or Pacific Rim countries. European countries were intermediate.

        Professor J. Philippe Rushton, from “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR”


        What “obvious facts” do I ignore?

        • Funruffian

          Asians on average commit between three-fourths or are equal to the crime rate of Whites in America. But we can’t just say ‘Asian’. We need to specify. Cambodian and Korean gangs have become prevalent in certain areas of California.
          As far as IQ is concerned: Japanese, Chinese and Koreans are at the top of the list with an average of 106. Southeast and lower caste Asians such as Cambodians, Fillippinos, Laotians, Vietnamese and Thai average around 90.
          In Europe, Germany, Poland and Italy average 102. Spain and Portugal average the lowest at 92.

  • JohnEngelman

    black students are suspended more than three times as often as white students.

    – Mary Morrison, American Renaissance, January 25, 2013

    Because blacks have a rate of violent crime that is nearly eight times the white rate I suspect that white students are expelled for behavior that is forgiven in blacks.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      As someone who left a “diverse” school not too many years ago, I can confirm this. Whites can get suspended for pretty much anything now, including bringing asprin to school.

      In all my 4 years of attending that “diverse” school, I saw no fewer than 16 blacks get into fights with each other that resulted in an ambulance being called. None of them ever got suspended; they were all back at school the next day (except the injured kids, who got a nice hospital stay on the white man’s dime).

    • Anon

      I have a story pertaining to this.

      In my eighth grade class in Seattle, Washington I was kicked out for having a pocket knife on my person. It was a big stink, parents flipping out, administrators saying I was going to kill someone, etc.

      My reason for bringing the knife to school was I refused to not sit in the black of the bus and the various shades of Negroids threaten me every day. I am a pretty good fighter and a somewhat ubermench looking guy but all 15 or 20 were threatening me all the time. The irony of this situation is not lost on me.

      A black brought an actual hunting knife into school that same week and was given a three or four day suspension by the colored dean.

      • kayla

        I’m from Seattle too and I too went to a very “diverse” middle school. I knew a white kid who got suspended for several weeks for having FAKE weed on him (years later he admitted it was actually oregano but he had wanted to seem cool and had shown it off to people). This poor, insecure white boy who just wanted to be cool got taken away from school in a POLICE CAR for possession of OREGANO. Meanwhile black kids dealt drugs all the time in the open. There were a few black kids I liked but they were the ones who had white friends; by and large I was truly scared of the black kids and regardless of the “diversity is our strength” narrative the administration fed us constantly, I knew that I was scared with good reason. I saw the kinds of things they got away with and the kinds of ridiculous things administrators would come up with to punish white kids for (I myself got a few hours of after-school detention once for “excessive tardies” that were actually me being on time to my class after lunch but realizing I’d dropped my binder off in another part of that classroom at the beginning of lunch and getting out of my seat to get it. Just because I got out of my seat for five seconds at the beginning of class to get something I NEEDED RIGHT AWAY that was IN THE ROOM, I was “tardy”. I guess the administration had realized that marking people tardy for being late had the opposite of a disparate impact on nerdy white girls, so our standards for what was considered tardy got stricter?).

        Since I found it, I’ve wondered if anyone I went to school with growing up looked at this site. Your middle school sounds just like mine. Wish I knew what year you graduated, haha.

  • Mike Lane

    Is the eyewear ad with the black guy supposed to be a sick joke?

  • fakeemail

    All these “students” and their parents should have been left in the jungles where they belong. We can’t lift them up. But they will drag us down.

  • George White

    This is spot on. The anti-white bigotry is astounding. I teach in the inner city schools. Students can get away with giving me death threats because the students are non-white and many of the administrators are non-white as well. They shrug and say, “Well, this kid just needs a little more help. At least he didn’t hit you.” They cover for the gangsters and move them around until they finally stab or shoot somebody, and then they’re forced to kick them out.

    • jay11

      I once stood by two latino students who openly talked about increasing such numbers that one day they will be powerful enough to kill all the white people and take over. They knew I was standing right next to them. Then one said, “But we’ll save the white girls as slaves.” The other boy looked in to the distance as he entered his imagination and he said, “Yeah, white girls.” True story.

      • pcmustgo


        Yeah,. non-whites love to talk racist stuff right in front of you or anecdotally or “randomly” bring up race as a way of getting revenge and lashing out and starting stuff.

    • The Verdict of History

      Hopefully you will soon leave that cesspool of institutionalized incompetence and ANTI-WHITE racism.

      You are witnessing the degeneracy of apologists and SCUM (Socialist Communist Utopian Marxists) who will pretend that there is something wrong with YOU if you speak out against them and the thugs-in-training.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, I know someone who subs in NYC who says the same thing. I’ve had a Puerto Rican administrator cover for this Black kid who was intimidating me as a student in college- until I threatened to go to his superior/whomever was above him.

  • KenelmDigby

    I like that photo of the ‘anti-suspension’ protest.
    The resemblance to the ‘no person is illegal’ protests are striking. Right down to the same banners, the same perverted ‘logic’ and word-twisting, the loud-mouthery, the bull-poopy and scruffy looking dmonstrators – and the shadowy leftists pulling all the strings off-stage.

    • jay11

      You also notice there were no white people in the picture. Not even a white libtard. In many parts of the country we’ve been replaced completely. All those ‘immigrants’ came here for the free lunch and actively despise us.

      • MarcusTrajanus

        I see one or two. The woman wearing a blue top in the back of the crowd, and a bearded guy in the center of the crowd.

  • KenelmDigby

    The measure of any scientific theory is how well it describes and predicts the real world. If any ‘theory’ fails this test, it must be junked and forgotten forthwith,- an erroneous theory is not just fallacious but postively dangerous and destructive.
    However, the ‘r/K’ theory propounded by the late, great Prof. JP Rushton fits the facts of the disruptive behavior displayed by ‘minority’ students, as related in this article, extremely well (as it does, if I might add, many other ‘minority’ behaviors deemed ‘deviant’ by general White community standards).
    In crude terms the ‘r/K’ theory tells us that juvenile ‘minorities’ are driven by the immutable and inexorable power of genetics driving neural pathways and hormones, into acting like junior savages and not junior scholars.

  • It is only slightly better at the 4Y university level (state, at least), where a white teacher must overlook the disrespect, lack of attention, and F grade work turned in by minority, (and mostly sports scholarship) students, less they have to explain themselves to charges of racism, or sexism, or are forced to explain to the NCAA or boosters on campus why their darling little next pro-bowl phenom isn’t going to pass a first-year general education class. One school I’ve worked at published guidelines for us that said we could only have an 8% failure rate. That’s two students out of 24 or 25 per class. What to do? Easy, pass them and let the next year’s instructor have a crack at them.

  • jay11

    Thank you for straight talking. This is my experience every day. You would not believe what I see in my 100% non-white school EVERY DAY. I am also one of those who learned NOT to discipline my students for any reason, or send them to the office. (Fellow teachers who have tried to maintain civilization have been drummed out of the profession.) I instead try to bribe my students to like me by giving them candy and never calling them out on their bad behavior. I have stories to tell, boy do I ever!
    I really feel we live in the Orwellian world where we have to believe that 2+2=5. Liberals have no idea that they are evil. They see all the ‘good’ causes they support, and don’t realize they are creating an authoritarian mindset and forcing it on the rest of society in order to ‘correct’ the injustices.
    What they fail to realize is that blacks and latinos never improve not because some hidden, insidious white racist is holding them down, but because they do not have the cultural traits to allow them to rise up to the standard of civilization as it was formed by our white forefathers. Sure, the talented tenth do all right, but the masses are incapable of acquiring what they have no experience with. I grew up around all white people, and I can tell you that there was an awful lot of white trash who lived trashy, self-destructive lives, generation after generation, and it was due to either low I.Q. running in the family or a loss of those good ‘work-ethic’ cultural traits our forebears lived by. Luckily, most whites had better values and lived as Americans with a ‘can-do’ attitude. I don’t expect advocates for poor whites (are there any of those anymore?) to go around and scream racism as a cause for the reason some white populations stay poor and in trouble. But blacks and latinos get a free pass.
    So frustrated liberals take a top down approach and call for authoritarian government-centered solutions based on forced economic equality. Their new buzzwords of ‘economic inequality’ are basically desperation on their part. “We spent 50 years trying to make American Indians into white people (1870s-1920s) and that didn’t work, so we gave up and promoted the Indian rights separatist movements. We spent over 100 years working to turn blacks into white people, but all the welfare and such just made them too scary to be around, so now we import millions of cute, little brown amerindians who are nicer and we are darn sure we can make THEM into good little white people!”
    So liberals tear down laws that protect the nation and try to enact laws that disarm, disembowel and hamstring the American people and make them helpless in the face of foreign invasion, take away their rights to free speech (“That’s HATE speech!) and ultimately race-replace them and transform the electorate into majority anti-white constituencies.
    England is further along than we are and you can now be prosecuted for expressing any displeasure at your being race-replaced. Orwell was a prophet of sorts, and what many people don’t know about him is that he wrote his book “1984” based on his experience with leftist totalitarianism in the Soviet Union. I urge all readers here who have not read this book to do so that you may know where we are ultimately headed. Get the audio version if you have no time.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “I really feel we live in the Orwellian world where we have to believe that 2+2=5. Liberals have no idea that they are evil. They see all the ‘good’ causes they support, and don’t realize they are creating an authoritarian mindset and forcing it on the rest of society in order to ‘correct’ the injustices. ”

      Reminds me of that series and movie, Firefly/Serenity. Big, evil, do-gooder government “not teaching people what to think, but how to think.” Creepy. Totalitarian democracy, I call it. The “thought militia” of millions of petty hypocrites, downright idiots, and clever moral retards ever on the watch for nonconformity, for resistance to the the way they want us to think.

      Whites are the new Jews. We are the cause of all the problems. We are wicked. All our success is attributable purely to our perfidy and others are justified in wanting to hurt us. We should be ashamed of ourselves and subject ourselves meekly and apologetically to every insult and injury flung our way by those we have so wronged.

      Just ask Jim Carey or Tarentino. We’re evil and only when we cease to exist will the world rest easy.

      If you don’t buy into this you must be racist. But then if you’re white, you already are.

      Kudos on your approach to survival. Gotta do what you gotta do and at least you can comfort yourself by not really caring anymore. Gotta keep that sense of humor…

  • AmericanPatriot

    In truth it is a total waste of resources to bother ‘educating’ most of these people at all. Place them in Adult Foster Care with individuals who will take responsibility for diciplining them and feeding them in return for controlling the earnings for whatever work they are put to. Those who are simply too dangerous to have around normal society should be placed on reservations in the mountain states where they can either subsistence farm or starve.

  • jay11

    “Most suspensions are for minor or vague infractions . . . this is clearly an unsound educational policy,” wrote co-author Daniel Losen. “The numbers in our report indicate an absolute crisis.”

    This statement by Herr Losen is a bald-faced lie. I call this person a LIAR. Show me a suspension report where a kid was suspended for eye-rolling or something equally minor and tell me that’s all the story. In my experience, these kids who get in trouble usually have done FAR worse than what they are actually reportedly suspended for. For example, a student in a class is yelling, throwing things and cursing. Nothing can stop him. Security comes and drags him out. He punches the guards and struggles like an animal. Suspension report will read: student disruptive in the classroom. That’s all. I’ve seen this sort of under-reporting time and time again. Admins are afraid of reporting too many serious incidents so they downplay everything. Teachers are afraid of parents who side with the little darlins’ and will accuse the teacher of something. Most witnesses and fellow students will lie or say they saw nuthin’. (Stop Snitchin!)

    I work in a 100% non-white school. I have never seen or heard of a kid suspended for ‘minor’ or ‘vague’ infractions. NEVER. To get a kid suspended in my school he has to be caught drinking alcohol, selling drugs or attacking someone. Even then the suspension is only for a day or two as the severity is also downplayed. (We had a kid caught selling drugs and he was NOT reported at all because the principal was from the same race as he and she wanted to give him a pass.) BRINGING drugs no longer gets a kid suspended. Otherwise, the students can do any darn thing they please and get away with it.
    You should hear the private conversations we realist teachers have with each other. We pass on the latest horror story and strategize how we could play a similar situation down so as not to get the ire of the non-white boss who is a latina activist for ‘her people.’ The empty-headed teach for america social justice types are also giving up in droves, but instead of examining the incompatibility of third world vaues with our own, they are taking the opposite tack and screaming that ‘white racism’ is to blame for all the problems, even though there are NO MORE white people anywhere in these students lives, other than a few teachers who bend over backwards to make excuses for them and ignore their very bad behavior.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      You are so right. Has there ever been such a case of massive, histrionic, groupthink blindness to reality?

      Between the incompetence and the willful, hateful, irresponsibility of the politically correct depraved, it’s astounding how bad it’s gotten. You deserve a medal, but all you get is a scapegoating.

      Tell me about “justice”, eh?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      You are a fine writer with an inside view of modern American schools. I wish you would write up your own experiences and submit them to AR as a feature article, especially because you are on the opposite side of the country from the article above. The public needs to know about the twisted, mendacious, Orwellian hell that passes for modern American schools.


      ( as one of my colleagues so rightly states):

      The entire system is utter anarchy — only on rare occasions does a school break out.


      The public has NO idea what they’re paying for and what goes on inside these hell holes that call themselves schools.

      I remember once in class a disruptive student stood up and a large knife fell out of his pants onto the floor — large enough to warrant expulsion. I managed to write the kid up and called security to collect the kid and the knife from my room (as the article notes above, security often doesn’t show up).

      A few minutes later, I looked out my door and saw the principal — same color as the student, black — having a heart-to-heart discussion with the kid.

      Next day, nothing. Kid was back in class and the entire incident “disappeared!!” No paperwork, no follow up, nothing. I’m sure if I made a big deal about it I would have been told there was no such incident, never happened, I was wrong in what I saw, etc.

      I knew I couldn’t fight or beat the system then, it was rigged and stacked against me — since that time I’ve transferred to a better school and learned to cope.

      ON another note – my daughter told me one of her roommates is beside herself with joy because she was just accepted into a TFA (Teach For America) program to teach middle school thugs…I mean kids… in Oakland CA. She starts her 6-week training in June and then will be placed in September.

      My heart almost stopped when I heard this — this is a little blond 22- year old full of leftist philosophy and marxist teachings — which will be re-enforced by a 6-week TFA training program that will surely tell her that she will “saving” these oppressed children from an entrenched, evil, White-controlled system that is inherently racist agains blacks and browns.

      I know because I’ve seen many of them just like this one — full of hubris, arrogant in their beliefs, sure that we established White teachers are racists bent on “keeping people of color down” by failing and suspending them for no reason. I remember one TFA that was brought up from Mexico who had a stroke over the Christmas break — came back with 1/2 her face sagging and barely able to talk — true story. The majority of TFAs are completely traumatized after a few days, I saw one TFA warrior walk out of his bungalow in the middle of 3rd period, get in his car and drive off never to return.

      Well, there’s more and I’m sure you must have anecdotes of your own. Please start writing and submitting work for publication.

      The public truly does not know — has NO idea– what goes on behind school house doors and if I, Mary Morrison and you don’t tell them, who will? Otherwise, the public only hears the governmedia’s side — “racist teachers suspend and fail oppressed students of color only because of race!!”

      We know the truth is far different and we need to get the word out and spread it — and quickly.


  • Unperson

    Thank you again, Ms. Morrison, for your another of your valuable “reports from the trenches.” I never seriously considered teaching as a profession — never thought I had the patience for it, and I probably don’t, even with a classroom of nice white children — but your articles make me very glad I avoided this career path.

    Teaching and policing are the two jobs that, more than any other, make whites deal with Diversity up close and personal. If the race-realist movement wants to do some “targeted marketing” to increase our numbers, teachers and cops are whom we should be targeting first and foremost.

  • [Guest]

    >>>We teachers are the people who work day-to-day on the front lines…

    Yes, you teachers are on the front lines in the massive multibillion-dollar taxpayer-funded federal war on traditionalists, white people, males, and Christians.

    To proclaim that you oppose the aims of the army in whose front lines you serve (in return for salaries, benefit packages, and job security that most of the rest of us can only dream about) makes you hirelings and mercenaries. I see nothing admirable in that.

    • World_War_Me

      Ooooooooo snap!

    • jay11

      Some of us went into teaching before the profession was taken over completely by marxists. It’s all we can do to make a living. We resist in our own ways. We realist teachers network with each other, reinforcing our americanness and patriotism ‘from within the beast.’ We report out, like the author of the above article, so you can all know what’s going on. We collect our salaries and spend our money in ways to help america, not the leftists. As for job security, there is very little of that anymore. Every teacher I know (and that’s about 50 people) are TERRIFIED of losing their job due to the whim of some petty leftist tyrant otherwise known as a principal. There are plent of teachers who are patriots too. Just like we are experiencing all over the nation, Americans are being overwhelmed in every town, city and public space all at once.

      • [Guest]

        One cannot be both a patriot and a mercenary.

        • jay11

          In 1775 the people of Boston were occupied by the redcoats. They defended their city from within and eventually won. Active resistence from inside is just as important from outside. Somebody has to work in the schools and offer a counterpoint to the marxism our kids are exposed to every day.

  • melvin polatnick

    Teachers must be very careful not to anger even a 10 year old student most can break a jaw with one swift punch. A 4th grade savage gave the instructor a concussion by banging her on the head with a social studies book. Having to be as sweet as a pussy cat is necessary to keep from being hospitalized by a bitter student.

  • Steve7789

    Although blacks are hispanics are clearly much worse, the agressiveness and disrespect shown by so many young white kids nowadays is appalling.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      We are only equal at the lowest common denominator

    • NM156

      That is a myth. It must be a case of “no country for old men” in your thinking. No kid today is as whacked out and violent as white urban kids from the 1970s. Not…even…close.

  • BAW

    Public schools are, at their core, a tax-funded babysitting service.

    • Ernest

      Public schools are, at their core, a tax-funded babysitting service and indoctrination center.

  • [Guest]

    Some questions for our ostensibly like-minded teacher friends, including Mary Morrison:

    Is the NAACP friend or foe? Are you a member of the NAACP?

    Is La Raza friend or foe? Are you a member of La Raza?

    Is the NEA friend or foe? Are you a member of the NEA?

    Let me guess. NAACP? No. La Raza? No. NEA. You betcha!

    • NeanderthalDNA

      What’s your point?

      If she’s a member of the NEA then what? You know, many teachers are encouraged to join that sham, and do so not because they like it but because it’s a good career thing.

      So why the assumption she’s an NEA member? Do you just not like teachers and feel it necessary to sling a brick her way? Considering the brutally honest content of the piece, seems you have an ax to grind.

      Perhaps I misinterpreted.

      • [Guest]

        The point is clear and hardly subject to misinterpretation.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Ok, sure. Pardon my obtuseness, but what are the implications of her being in the NEA, if she’s in the NEA?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I come from a very nice area 96% white and there were probably 10 students in my HS total. About 7 of them were trouble makers or low IQ. It’s clearly not environment. It’s innate IQ and aggression.

  • tremendouscoast

    Desegregation ruined the public school system. Egalitarianism is the creationism of the left.

  • bigone4u

    We know the problems, but is there a solution? I think yes, but help me out with some imput:
    Whites pick up most of the tab for the public schools through paying property taxes. Money is power and don’t forget it. Money is power.
    1. Resist increases in property tax rates to rein in school bureaucracies. Foment tax rebellion.
    2. Defeat school bond issues unrelated to core education.
    3. Join PTAs and insist on a focus on core educational mission.
    4. Insist on access to reports on disciplinary incidents in YOUR school. Ask questions at PTA meetings. Write letters to editor at local paper. Get on phone and complain to everyone.
    5. Insist that schools group higher achievers in their classrooms and lower achievers in theirs. That would effectively resegregate classrooms.
    6. School uniforms–cheap khakis and white shirts. Parents of thugsters will howl, but make it happen.
    7. Run for office to get on school board and set policies.
    Expect liberal anti-white opposition. Toughen up your mind and be prepared to be called racist. Remember, money is power, and whites still have the most money. Good luck.

    • jay11

      I also frequently mention similar things here. We need to starve the beast and make it uncomfortable. Anti-tax is taken by liberals as a threat because it is the base of the bribes they pay to minorities and also their free gravy train to destroy the last vestage of american patriotism. Tax policy is a battleground. I urge every american patriot to ALWAYS work for lower taxes and NEVER support any tax increases.
      Where do those thousands of somali ‘refugees’ migrate to? Generous welfare cities. You can substitute somalis with latinos, blacks etc. A town with zero welfare that relies on local community organizations for relief is a town that is 100% white in the making.

  • razorrare

    Excellent article…most of the problems named in this article are the same ones I experienced in the 60’s going to a racially integrated high school–these problems arent 5-10-15-20—-years old…they are half a century year old.

  • razorrare

    Brown vs Board of Education was the biggest watershed moment in American History besides the Civil War…most all the anti-White policies created since then are due to Brown vs. Board of Education….Every anti-White policy created has jewish activist fingerprints imprinted on them.

    • QD’s top five list of most destructive SCOTUS decisions ever:

      Brown v Board

      Griggs vs Duke Power

      Shelley vs Kraemer

      Plyer vs Doe

      INS vs Lopez-Mendoza


      Any one of them is bad enough on is own, but it’s the way they combine and work together in a synergetic sense that makes them more dangerous in combination than any one could be on its own. The final two used to be only a big concern more to whites who live near the Mexican border, but as more and more of those “jobs Americans won’t do” comprehensive immigration people shove inward to “traditionally Mexican” states like Georgia and North Carolina (?) and others, those decisions are relevant to more whites.

      • razorrare

        Thankyou for your response…excellent list…In Shelley vs Kraemer i found this note-worthy…

        There is an interesting story regarding the brief filed on behalf of the United States government. It was written by four Jewish lawyers: Philip Elman, Oscar Davis, Hilbert Zarky, and Stanley Silverberg. However, the Solicitor General’s office chose to omit their names from the brief. The principal assistant to the Solicitor General, Arnold Raum, who was also Jewish, stated that it was “bad enough that Perlman’s name has to be there, to have one Jew’s name on it, but you have also put four more Jewish names on. That makes it look as if a bunch of Jewish lawyers in the Department of Justice put this out.”…..I am not particularly fond of the referance but it will do…Wikipedia

      • Alright Dan

        And yet, you keep saying you’re not a lawyer. Sorry, but the more you post, the harder and harder it gets for me to believe that you’re not one.

        • And why would I lie about not being one if I actually was one, when the devil is lying about being one when you’re not one? Many elected politicians are lawyers, and most legislative staffers are lawyers, so I’m sure the lawyers feted and wrote laws to make it illegal for a non-lawyer to claim to be a lawyer.

          I just happened to pay attention during my two required and one elective business law courses I had to take while on my way to getting an undergraduate degree in accounting from my city’s well known public university. But I quickly and instinctively figured out that just that was not enough a good lawyer to make, because I was mediocre (okay, poor and barely passing) at marketing and sales. A trial lawyer is basically a salesman with a J.D. Many of you might think I’m so brilliant, only because you already agree for the most part with what I say. But I’m not changing the minds of any liberals or pseudo-conservative hard core egalitarians. You kinda have to have that skill set when trying to convince 12 of 12 people beyond a reasonable doubt of something or 9 of 12 people that a preponderance of the evidence shows that this or that is true or not true. And I just don’t have that skill set.

  • Greg Thomas

    “I was tired of uneducated, barely literate parents coming down to the school to dictate to me how I was going to do my job and what I was and was not to do in my classroom.

    Moreover, the irony is that many of them are illegal invading mexicans, who have become

    militant and emboldened with their demands. There is no shortage of
    “advocates” willing to assist these criminals in thwarting the system.

    Not so long ago, they would have been cowering “in the shadows,” terrified
    their criminal actions might be exposed. This is no longer the case. Their
    illegal invading status is a badge of courage to the ignorant invader. Furthermore,
    if you dare question them, you are demonized a “racist” and subject to serious reprimand.
    Is it any wonder why their anchor spawn
    have no respect for authority or laws?

  • Lygeia

    I say we just don’t teach them. They can’t learn anyway.

  • Larry Edwards

    A matter that may seem sidebar to all this but really would cut right through it is the issue of
    public–again the word p u b l i c —schools having redundant audio-videotaping all the time in
    each classroom and, for that matter, everywhere but administrative meeting rooms and restroom stalls. You don’t need the rating scales, even the write ups, etc etc. when the
    technologically omniscient audio-video simply reveals what’s going on. Any randomly selected group of honest people–Black, white, brown, or purple–can have
    a quick and overwhelming consensus of the need to do something and the need to get that
    person out of there. etc The NEA especially has just fought tooth and nail to keep video recordings of what’s going on. Many teachers, too—and for those of us who know the inner
    working of schools and classrooms, it is not surprising that a lot of “teachers” don’t want Candid Camera anywhere around. As for teacher evaluation–the same thing—it would reach a point of solid efficacy if it were just based on an adequate random sampling of classroom audio-video footage. That students now, covertly, can capture a lot on the microminature technology so many of them have, is promising. But why have we not had a policy in place
    for at least the last 15 years of overt ubiquitous video recording of classrooms??

  • One of the MANY reasons why I left teaching. I’ll say nothing more because I could go on forever…

  • Nobody

    The mindset of the “social justice” types and school administrators described in this article reminds me of the Bolsheviks and other communist groups described in The Black Book Of Communism. They all share the same rabid ideology, class consciousness and “revolutionary” instincts. They’re all boiling over with irrational resentment and race hatred and they seem to be totally incapable of understanding the damage they’re causing, not only to society in general, but to themselves.

    These people are truly evil and, like the communists in Russia, Cambodia and other places, they’re perfectly capable of carrying out widespread massacres of whites in the name of “justice” and “equality.” I don’t think this is an exaggeration, either. They want us dead. How many times do we have to hear the New Black Panthers calling for the murder of white babies or listen to Hispanic students talking about killing all the white males and enslaving white females before we start taking them seriously? They really mean this stuff.

    If you haven’t read the Black Book of Communism yet, I highly recommend it. Everything in that book will be very familiar.

    • Funruffian

      The irony is that many of the school administrators are too ignorant and too stupid to know what Communism really is and how it relates to this system. Schools are often flooded with dummies who are unqualified to hold the title of Principal, teacher or secretary. They are just pawns in this grisly system.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    No Whites should be trying to teach blacks, mestizos or even orientals. The first two are physically dangerous to be around and hopeless due to their low IQ. The last are still our competitors, eager to colonize our lands and displace us. We should not be helping them.
    Use your skills and energy to educate White children.

  • pcmustgo

    “The Huffington Post, unbelievably, reported that students are being suspended from school for “talking back to a teacher, cursing, walking into class late or even eye rolling.” Eye rolling?”

    Ha, STORY OF MY LIFE! THE HUFFINGTON POST KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT BLACK WOMEN… “Eye Rolling” is a major part of American Black Female culture, The Angry Black Woman repetoire (finger-snapping, head popping, neck whipping, neck rolling, and teeth sucking are more elements of that). “EYE-ROLLING” IS A PART OF “ATTITUDE”, that (hostile) non-verbal body communication Blacks do. Probably goes back to slavery when they couldn’t talk back to the master (and don’t they see us all as slave-owners who need to be put in our place and got revenge upon) but could eye-roll or non-verbally sass back. “Eye Rolling” is a form of sassing. A form of massive disrespect. It can sometimes be followed by a hostile glare, or it can be the can be the sneaky eye-roll, the let’s see if the dumb white person can see me rolling my eyes at them or has the guts to say something about it.

    Eye-rolling is the primary reason I dislike Black Women. I find it to be so creepy, so aggressive, so weird, so hateful. so profoundly fi-===ng rude.

    The #1 thing I dislike about Black women is EYE-ROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pcmustgo

    I will say that I am white, and despite being extremely high achieving in terms of IQ, etc… I was suspended from school and ran with a rough crowd. Also, wearing pajama pants and flip-flops and t-shirts that are naughty is not limited to non-whites.

    Nor is the drug use… White kids in the suburbs have all that much more money for drugs.

    All we thought about as high school kids was sex/drugs/rock and roll.

    That’s most high school and college students.

    I understand the point of the article though which is the extremes and inability to punish/control this stuff and the dumb ghetto parents who threaten teachers and order.

  • Hugo

    This is one major reason the left hates standardized testing with a passion. These stupids get passed along to the next grade without ever learning anything. The teachers just want them out of their classes so they can get a new crop of stupids in the following year. When the teachers complain about the tests it is always due to other reasons such as wasting time or “teaching for the tests” rather than what it really is, foiling their ability to cover up the low IQ of all the little Trayvons out there.

  • artchr

    This is an interesting mix of truth and b.s. That last anecdote, for example, smacks of pure fiction. But the author is right about several things, including the smarmy, irritatingly indulgent quality of the LAUSD discipline policy update of a few years ago. That much being true, however, suspension out of school is usually counterproductive; kids inclined to trouble don’t spend much time at home under mom’s watchful eye, after all. Also, it is disingenuous at best to imply that black and hispanic students are misbehaving while their white peers cower in fear nearby. Most LAUSD schools aren’t that fully integrated. The schools reflect their communities, and those who suffer the most from poor school discipline are the many rule-abiding students of the same ethnicity as the ‘behavior problems,’ just as those who suffer the most from inner-city crime are the people who live where it occurs. Very few of them are white.

    One of the biggest weaknesses in the LA Unified district’s ongoing – and, in some schools, futile – effort to tamp down discipline problems is the lack of support for sequestering troublemakers on campus instead of off. And the use of ‘suspension rate’ as a measure of school safety is a joke; principals I have worked under have ordered lower-level administrators to refrain from suspending students simply to hold their school’s suspension rate down. (One even won an award for improving school safety!) It is true that threatening to sue is common among recalcitrant students and parents, though the number of threats made good is miniscule, usually because there is nothing faintly resembling a legitimate case to be made for it. The irony is that the parents who have the biggest genuine beef are the ones whose kids have to cope with – and occasionally defend themselves against – troublemakers; if some punk beat up my kid and didn’t get punished I’d pose a bigger threat in court than the assailant’s wayward momma. But that doesn’t seem to have occurred to the district wheels who dream-up policy. They’ll have to learn the hard way.

  • Boerenooi

    Being a white teacher at a black school in South Africa has taught me many things – most important of them all is don’t mess with the kids, especially the olders ones. I teach the third-graders, but I often have to deal with the older boys during playground and assembly duty. The discipline in schools here are a mythological joke. Teachers have no rights, and are constantly fighting the system just to do their jobs. I don’t remember things being this bad when I was a child and teachers were allowed to actually punish us for misbehaving.

    Expulsion or suspension is not a punishment in the eyes of a child who has no interest in being at school in the first place. Debits, demerits and ‘black dots’ stop working once a child turns nine, if it works at al before then. Older students get away with everything – In South Africa, expulsion and suspension is so difficult that schools have to apply for a procedure that takes months to be processed, and often get denied. Schools don’t decide if a child may get suspended – the school governing body (parents), a lawyer or three and reps from the department of education makes that decision.
    Most of my colleagues who have been teachers for 30 years plus, often reminsce about ‘the good old days’ when corporal punishment was allowed. I can’t help but wish for the same thing, some days.

  • Geróimo Anónimo

    I saw his happening in the last ten years of my 40+ year career as a teacher. I just heard that my former High School has OK the use of cell phones in class; just another way for kids to cheat.

  • Gerónimo Anónimo

    I’m surprised at Ms. Chin’s remarks based on my certainty that not many Asian kids were getting suspended. I fail to see why Asians feel that they have some kinship with thuggish Blacks and Hispanos.

  • Funruffian

    I have learned from working in a school district that is only 4% White, 15% Black, 60% Hispanic, 12% Asian and the rest ‘other’, many things about Diversity. It has been the best lesson anyone can recieve for observing first hand how it works and how we interact. I find this atmosphere dreadful for various reasons. The school district ranks consistently in the lower 10% every year in California. The students rarely have any respect for authority and do not possess any semblance of decorum, honor, honesty, manners or even proper behavior conducive to a learning environment. Some kids are openly defiant and will simply act out to test authority, because they simply do not care of the consequences. What often happens is that when a student gets in trouble for fighting or vandalizing, he will get what they call an “in school suspension’. What does this mean?? It means the kids can stay in school the day he gets suspended by going to the office, returning to his home room or just hanging out. It’s so absurd it’s ridiculous. Why does this occur and why isn’t the child sent home. My guess is that their parent(s) are unavailable and unwilling to get them and sold them. Since the school is responsible for his whereabouts he must be watched by law or else the school is facing a liability. This is the crap that goes on daily in multi-cultural public schools. It’s a joke and a drain of our tax dollars.
    i tend to get along alright with kids of different races on an individual basis, but in a group setting they can be a nightmare and sometimes hostile. it’s not that i hate them. It’s just that I have nothing in common with them. We can’t relate. Holding a conversation is about as difficult as juggling 4 balls. This is why I think segregated schools are necessary and fitting for individuals who want to to grow and learn amongst people of their own kind.

  • Buzz-Killer

    Mrs. Mary is exactly the white person we are talking about when we say “you a racists!” While whites act as though it is all all in our head, a simp,e review of these ever present websites indicates you people are still around in any aspects of day to day life for melanated people. She is not stupid or wreck-less enough to call students s.pi.cs or the n word at work, but will then plead for support with anonymous posts like this. I am sure your name is not Mary and I am sure you are lying when you say “I am not a racist!”